Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nostalgic Recollections

Good Morning *Ü*
Since my time here in the Silver Valley of Idaho is nearing the end I am becoming more nostalgic everyday. I drove Taylor to school this morning & just took in the awesome views around me. There is so much to see here...not so much to do...but none the less, tons to see. I am going to add a link that provides some tidbits about where I live. Did you know that the movie Dante's Peak was filmed here. Next time you see it running on TV take a look at all the beautiful scenery. Going to add some pictures that I have taken over the years we have lived here. I am really going to miss it.

As I promised here are some more pics of treasures I have acquired over the last few months. Might not be anything special to someone else but I love them. :)
Jim starts his new job today. Hopefully everything will work out well. He starts at 6:00 a.m. which is funny because he is not a morning person at all. He would prefer the 2nd shift hands down. Cant wait to hear how his day went. He has run into a lot people that we used to work with. So many nice people have welcomed him back. Sure does make it easier for getting started. *Hi Honey~ Hope your day was good.* He reads this. LOL

We should be going to pick up Taylor's tux sometime today. Graduation just keeps getting closer & closer. It is scary to think that I will have two kids out of school. It just seems like yesterday that I graduated.

Speaking of high school, I just had the opoortunity to reconnect with two of my friends from high school. My friend Maureen & I did everything together from my junior year (her senior year) until I got married. We lost contact & over the years have been able to reconnect for short bits of time. I hadn't seen or talked to her since about 1992. I recently got some email from Classmates & was able to find her again. So funny to see how our lives took different paths for so long but eventually became the same with marriage & motherhood. It was so nice chatting with her the other day. Brought back a lot of wonderful memories & warm feelings. Sometimes it would be nice to go back in time with the knowledge you gain through aging. *Hi Maureen* Since this is a nostalgic post I will show some blasts from the past. Hahaha Man, some of the stories we could tell.
I will wrap it up here my daughter said I was a wind bag in my last post. LOL I am a stay at home mom with no adult interaction....of course I am a wind bag. ;)

I did get one of my projects done. Will share the photo later today or tomorrow. Want to get one more done that I promised long ago.
Have a great productive.
Toodles *Ü*

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