Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sammy's Star Album

Two posts today. Write it on the calendar because it probably wont happen again in this lifetime. Hahaha Since I have the crown for being the worst blogger ever! I told you a few days back that I was working on a mini album for my future daughter in law Sammy. I got it finished & wanted to share it with you.

It came out cuter than I had imagined. I think she will love it since all the pics are special to her. It was super easy & blast to put together. If you get the chance to make it. They are a lot of fun. They also make great holiday, teacher & hostess gifts. I already have two requests for one.

Well I am off to finish up dressing those dollies that were on the list from the other day too. Got them all sewn & stuffed. I just have to dress their naked bodies & put their faces on. Will be back to show them to you soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Toodles♥

Birthday Boy

Today is my son Taylor's (or as we call him "Bubba") 19th birthday! I talked to him this morning & got to wish him a Happy Birthday. I am so glad he is home from Iraq so I could do that. It is so sad that he is far from home & has to spend it alone. I wish we were closer so we could celebrate with him. I told him that in March we will be having a Christmas celebration & birthday all in one. I cant wait to see him & give him the biggest hug.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pics of him. Look at those curls....are'nt they to die for. He has long since lost the curls (much to mom's disappointment). He has grown up. He was 6'2" last time we measured. His dad is 6'5". Actually all my kids are tall like their dad...unlike their short momma. He is lean like him too. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes. He has to get those from his Grandpa Reilly because we all have brown eyes. In fact, I think he may have gotten the curly hair from him too. Unfortunately he never got to meet him.

Taylor loves to work out & has an interest in MMA fighting (Mom cringing at the thought). He has always been disciplined with his workouts all through junior high & high school. I think thats what made ROTC & Army Bootcamp a breeze for him. Taylor has the funniest sense of humor. I can always count on him to make me laugh & smile. He is so witty & quick with it too. I think I miss that the most. He is my child that knows how to push my buittons the most, but my child that can make me laugh & forget being mad at him in a heartbeat. Taylor... We are wishing you the bestest birthday....even if your momma isnt there. May all your birthday wishes come true! We love you Bubba♥

Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Girlie Girl

Today I am dedicating my blog post to my beautiful daughter Tarynn. She is 21 yrs old. She works full time & goes to college full time as well. Her goals are set & she knows what she wants out of life. I love her spirit & drive. Tarynn is liked by everyone. This girl has so many friends we cant keep up. Tarynn is our only daugher & the oldest of all the kids. She is a great sissy to her brothers. Recently she has moved across the country & I am hating it. She was my partner in crime on shopping sprees, my movie partner for all those sappy chick flicks & just my best friend. I miss you so much Tarynn.

T* trendsetter- Tarynn has always been a trendsetter. All the way back to grade school she
never cared what the "in thing"was. She had her own style that has carried through to her adult years. Tarynn would wear something one day and then you would see everyone wearing it after that. She has so much confidence!
A* artistic- Talented beyond belief. She is so artistic. She has designed logos for bands, as well as band merchandise. Her passion is music & it spills out into her art.

R* responsible- Has always made good decisions. Tarynn has never given us a lick of trouble.She was the easiest child to raise. She has always made us proud.

Y* y'all- Hahaha! This word will now be a permanent part of her language. Love you Tarynn!

N* nicknames- Girlie Girl, Sissy, T, Tarini, Tar

N* night owl- She takes after her momma. This girl survives on very little sleep. She will

go & go until she just poops out. She is constantly on the move & searching for new adventures.

Just a little glimpse of our perfect girl. Tarynn you are my inspiration! Love you sunshine!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Me &My Travis

We just got these pictures at school yesterday. Travis & I went to the Mom & Son Superbowl Party. It was a lot of fun. They had a DJ, played numerous football related games, danced & had lots & lots of pizza. They had a woman photographing anyone who wanted to participate. The picture isnt the greatest but it is a wonderful reminder of a fantastic night together.

Travis is my baby (11 yrs old now) & he is getting so big. He looks like his dad & is going to be tall just like him. It is so sad to see them shoot up & lose all the baby fat. He is such a great kid. He is always smiling & never grumpy. This kid is always HAPPY. I love it! I wish all my days were like that. He is a gaming fanatic & LOVES dinosaurs. As much as he loves anything & everything animal related....we are sure he will be in some sort of animal field when he grows up. We are super proud of him! I cant wait to see what life has to offer him.

I am in a motivated mood today. I have decided to finish up my future daughter in laws lil photo album I am making her. I also want to try & work on three dollies. My best friend from high school is coming for a visit. We are going to be quilting the entire time...WooHoo! So I am making three lil dollies to give to all the girls with a goodie bag to remember their trip. I will show them to you all once they are done.

Have a wonderful day & may it be productive & peaceful! Toodles♥

Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥Happy Valentines Day♥

Happy Valentines Day to each & every one of you.
I am so excited to say that my son
arrived home from Iraq yesterday. I am counting the days down until we get to see him.
I am at peace now knowing he is safe & sound.

I love this picture of my husband. I am an avid picture taker. Since I scrapbook I can say that there is'nt much that I dont document in pictures. My family has gotten use to it. :) Well, out of the millions of pictures, I can honestly say, this is my absolute favorite. I love his eyes. They just have a sparkle about them. So being Valentines Day I have dedicated this blog to my honey bunny. I love him more today than the first day I laid eyes on him. He makes me happy & so fulfilled. We know we are soulmates & we were meant to be together. I cannot even imagine him not being in my life. With that being said.....Honey, I wish you the happiest of days. All my love till the end of time. I am so glad you are my ♥valentine♥

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

He Is Coming Home

I am so excited! My son Taylor is finally coming home to the states from Iraq.
He will be leaving Baghdad in the next few days. He heads to Germany then to the states.
We are so proud of him. I know the time he served was not to his liking but he did it & thats what counts. He will be headed back to his base & preparing for school. He has lengthened his
committment to the Army & will be starting college. He wants to go to Officer Candidate School eventually.

Taylor you are our Hero. We could'nt be more proud of you & your life choices! You are so smart & your dedication is endless. You will go far in life. I personally can't wait to see your goals accomplished. We love you Bubba! Counting down to March when we can wrap our arms around you! Love you Mom & Dad