Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Ornies

I wanted to share with you the newest ornies I completed. The penguin ornie I adapted from a Threadbare Primitives. I love her patterns & have adapted many to suit my current needs. I am really loving how the penguin turned out.

We have been busy as bees here trying to get ready for our family to come. The count right now is 6 guests. Not exactly sure where we will stack them. LOL I told hubby we may have to string hammocks. We are super excited to have everyone coming to our new home in a new city.

We have lots & lots of activities planned. The most exciting one is taking my mom to Graceland. She has bever been & it has been a lifelong dream to go. I know it will be decked out to the hilt. Can't wait to see her eyes light up. We are also hosting a party at our home where everyone brings a gift & you can steal back & forth. My friend informed me that they call it a Dirty Santa Party here in the south. I had never heard that expression before & still feel it sounds just wrong. lol I will be back to share pics as we move through the holidays.
Have a productive day! ~Toodles

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tis The Season..

Lets get ready to decorate! lol

I cant believe Thanksgiving is over in a blink of an eye...GONE! We had our first "Official" T-Day dinner with invited guests (can you believe it....invited & they came.) Seriously though, we had an amazing day. Everything went off without a hitch. It was kind of scary. Our daughter Tarynn's boyfriend's family (are you lost yet?) came for dinner. It was really nice to sit back & relax & get to know them better.

So now it's December 1st & I'm thinking I have a lot to do. My parents are coming around the 14th or 15th. My great grandma is flying in the 15th as well. Our best friend Dave is planning on flying up & my son Taylor is trying to come home too. If I get this all pulled off it will be a Christmas miracle. I am so excited to have the family all together. I am giddy....plain ol giddy with excitement.

I have'nt seen my son since May & that was only for a few hours. He recently just got back from training in Death Valley. They are getting ready for another deployment to Iraq. Apparently, his squad is trying to get it changed to Afghanistan. I am praying that they dont. It's just so scary for them. He did inform us that he re-enlisted & should swear in again sometime in June. It will probably take place in Iraq since they are scheduled for deployment in April. He was rather excited to tell us that they may be stationing him in Germany once he returns from Iraq. This child has always wanted to go there. He has had a fascination with it since early middle school. He even taught himself to speak German (and is pretty good according to his previous high school teacher). I'm so excited for him.

I was making all my lists & trying to get things done & out of the way for Christmas. I want to have as much time to visit & sightsee as possible. I have been baking like a mad woman. This weekend I tried to make cinnamon rolls. I cheated & used the frozen bread dough. They came out awesome. So easy. They are now officially on the menu for Christmas morning. Hahaha Hubby & Trav loved them. We put up our first set of outside lights on saturday. That was an all day affair. Sunday we decided to attack the tree. My poor hubby is probably ready to run for the hills but the tree is up & the lights are all in place. It looks beautiful! This year is my year..I get the white lights. We dont agree on the lights so we have to alternate each year. I like white & hubs likes colored...so we compromise. LOL Anyone else have these issues?

I'm working on more ornies. I am hooked I tell ya. I love the fact that I can sit with the guys at night while they watch tv & just stitch away. I am definitely going to be ordering more patterns. I have even decided to try & make some of my own designs too. I'll post pics of what I get done.

I know it's been awhile & I have been rambling on & on today. Whats scary is that I'm positive that there is a ton more I want to share. Hahaha

Well run while you can....before I remember something else.......Go create something!