Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Travy True

I'm going to write this today knowing it wont publish until tomorrow 10/3/09.

October 3rd is my Travy's birthday. He is going to be 12 yrs old. It just seems
like yesterday that we were at the hospital having him. He had a rough start in life..many complications but you would never know that now. He is the happiest, kindest & funniest kid I know. Ok, so I am a little biased. No really he is a great kid. I personally have never seen
a child that is always happy. This child never has a bad day. He is always upbeat. Never cranky! Easy peasy when it comes to raising so far! I have truly been blessed. In honor of his 12th birthday I wanted to write twelve things about Travis.

1. He is so kind.
2. He is always happy.
3. He is a night owl like his mom. This child could go to sleep late & still get up with the birds.
4. He is a gaming addict. lol
5. He loves dinosaurs, aliens & at the present moment zombies.
6. He never stops talking. He always has a story to tell.
7. He is very athletic but isn't that into sports. We're hoping he plays basketball.
8. He completed his hunter's training course two yrs ago so he can go out with the big guys soon.
9. Loves to fish with his sister...they come by that naturally...their dad loved that too & he always took them when they were younger.
10. He has never purchased a lunch at school. He has always wanted to take his own from home.
11. He loves chips & popcorn. If he could survive on that he would. lol
12. Wants to be in the Army when he grows up like his big brother.

As for the big day, we gave him a choice of things to do. He decided on the Alligator Farm. So we will be off in the morning to go see the gators. We will do lunch & a movie in the afternoon. He wants to see the movie Nine. I'm not real excited about that but it's not my day! We are going to take him to a local place for dinner called the Catfish Barn. They have a huge selection of fried fish. Apparently when we came to Arkansas in May he discovered his love for catfish & shrimp. Needless to say, he will have his selection of all things fried tomorrow including frog legs. Hahaha After dinner we plan on surprising him with a haunted corn maze as the final destination. Hopefully he will love it. I will let y'all know how that turns out in the days to come. ;) You know I will be taking pictures like crazy...its what I do.

Until next time....~toodles