Friday, August 28, 2009


gross! I'm not sure if I mentioned that I HATE REPTILES! I hate them with a passion, Doesn't matter what they are snakes, lizards etc. Knowing that we were moving to the south I had been warned that they have all kind of eebie jeebies here. Not fun! Ok, I can handle my share of bugs. I dont like them, but I can tolerate them. I'm not sure if I told you the story from a week or so ago about the lizard I had a run in with in my garage. Well he was a slimy black snake-like looking lizard that was fast as heck. I was moving boxes & he darted out. I about had a heart attack right there on the spot. I tried to coax him out into the yard. Yeah, he was having nothing to do with that. So our dance continued with each other for a few days. I finally get him out this one day, after cutting off his tail twice, and he runs back in the garage. I'm furious! So I resigned to the fact that it wasn't gonna happen. Chapter two...hubby is home on the weekend & we're going through boxes & moving things all around. The lizard pokes out. I'm yelling at my hubby to Get Em!! Get Em!! Hubby tries to sweep him out the door. I'm on his back like a shadow. Well, once again the lizard darts for the garage & my hubby tries to block him with the broom but I'm so close he cant get him without knocking me out with the broom instead. Once again...the lizard is victorious! So since that day he has remained in the garage & we haven't seen him since. I know he's in there lurking, laughing at us.

So lets move forward to yesterday. Travis comes be boppin in the house after school & says there is a snake in the grass by the front door. I'm freakin out! I'm asking him, "Are you sure it's a snake & not a lizard?" "I thinks so Mom." So I yell at him not to go out there until I get my flip flops on (seriously not thinking....flip flops...really???) I slowly step out the door & Travis points to where he is. Yep! it's a freakin snake. It was rather small for what I expected...too much tv I assume. He didn't move at all. He just laid there in the grass all creepy. Me being the scrapbooker that I am had to grab the camera. What else was I gonna do?? Surely you didn't expect me to catch it or kill it. LOL So I grab the camera & get close enough to get good's always about the good pics. Hahaha So I text my daughter & tell her that there is a snake. She asks me to take a pic on my phone. I thought ok...he wasn't really moving all that much so I would try. Well, I am pretty blind & cant really see on my phone. I tried & tried to find hin in the viewfinder & just couldn't do it. I even bent down trying to get close enough. Crazy girl! We decided we couldn't do anything without the hubs so we went inside. Yeah, by the time hubs got home the snake was nowhere to be found. I finished the night by telling hubby that I would be entering & exiting our house by way of the garage & would not be checking mail anymore. LOL He laughed at me. I seriously do not like those creepy things. He said it was probably just a garden snake & it would take care of all the other bad things that are around. Ok, well I'm still not going out there.

Moving forward to today. Hubs took a pic in to work & asked some of the locals if they knew what type of snake it was. They weren't positive but one guy thought it looked like a rattler. WHAT????? They have those here? YES they do. So I decide it's my mission to do some internet searching & find out what this snake was. Well lo & behold....its a dang Pygmy Rattlesnake. Oh yeah, I was bending down in its face taking his pic like he was a covergirl model. Lets just say he is number 5 on the list of 6 deadly venomous snakes in Arkansas. Once again, welcome to Arkansas! Hahaha So I'm hoping we ( I say we loosely meaning hubs) can locate him & possibly relocate him to the woods. I really dont want him hanging around having more lil snakies in my yard. Oh & with my search I found out our little lizard is a skink. Gross in every part of their being. So we will be the Great South Reptile Hunters here. LOL

On to other current events....We are heading up to the Ozarks this weekend to check out Eureka Springs. I am looking forward to that. There is supposed to be a castle in the middle of nowhere up there. Also, there is a mini Golden Gate Bridge as well. So when I get back I am hoping to have all kinds of neat pics to share.

I almost have my banner done. I have to string it & it will be ready to list. It came out so darn cute. I will post the Etsy link once I list it. Here is a lil sneak peek of the banner & a small glimpse of my Halloween tag book.

Have a wonderful weekend. ~Toodles

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dollies are done

Yes, I finally got my two little cuties done for the "Falloween" launch on Ebay. Yay! It was so good to dig into my stashes of patterns, fabrics & oodles of goodies.

I wanted to share a peek at them. You can click on the "Falloween" link above & it will take you to our page on Ebay. Please hop on over there & check out everyone's creations. I am so wanting to keep my two little dollies to put up in my new craft room. LOL Is that stingy or what?

I am in the last stages of completion on my Mini Halloween Album & my reversible Falloween Banner/Garland. I think I will be listing those in my Etsy shop (CountryCreekCreation). I prefer to list there & am very comfortable with the process. I cant wait for you to see those. I have never done a banner but have always wanted to. My only regret is that I didnt make two at the same time. Would love to hang this one in our new home. Well, stay tuned for their debut. :)
Well, I am off to bed. I am exhausted. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. ~Toodles
P.S. I am thinking that it's time for another blog giveaway. I will be making something special just for you. Stay tuned for the details on how to enter.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's growing up to fast

Well yesterday was the first day of school. My baby started the sixth grade. :( Gosh I remember his first day of school getting on that yellow bus looking so tiny in comparison. He's my last one & I just remember how fast it went for Tarynn & Taylor once they hit junior high. He's gonna be gone before I blink. It makes me sad to think that I am heading into a new season of life without my kids in the home but with that new season brings a new grandbaby. We are just thrilled about that.

So anyways before I get to worked up. I felt bad for Travis yesterday. He is in a new place, new school & this is the first year he has multiple classes. A little overwhelming for him. Travis suffered from mild autism when he was born & routine is very important for him to function. So we have been going over everything & trying to give him all that he needs to get through the day with ease. He came home yesterday very exhausted but pretty upbeat. I was so happy that he made it through. He managed the bus ride there & finding where he needed to be. He had a hard time with the accents though. LOL He came home & said, "Mom they talk funny." I had to laugh! I told him it will get easier to understand the more you're around them. They probably think he talks funny. Hahaha All in all, we had a successful first day! Yay

Well I am still trying to finish up my items for the Falloween launch. I made a lot of progress yesterday but the internet was down. I am hoping to complete my scarecrow today & get his pics done. My album is almost ready too. So I will let you know when I finally get them listed. Thanks for all your patience.

Have a great day! ~Toodles

Monday, August 17, 2009

Dial Up Argh

I have to apologize for my lack of postings. I am still fighting with dial up. Oh my gosh I could just throw this computer through the window. Hubby is still trying to get our wireless card so we can resume at normal speed. This thing now is far from normal.

So anyways, on to good stuff. I am super excited! I reached a goal of 50lbs. Yes, I have lost 50lbs since surgery. YIPPEE! It is very exciting to be able to wear things that I have'nt worn or seen in years. Since moving I have uncovered a treasure of clothes that were packed away in hopes of ever getting into them. I can now say I am in them & some are too big. So next goal is another 25lbs. It is slowing up a bit so I will really have to get stricter with my food choices.

On that what have I been doing? BAKING! I know the worse thing to do when trying to eat right. I am in a baking frenzy. The other day I made sugar cookies that were to die for. The next day pumpkin scones like the ones at Starbucks. All I can say is Yummy! Luckily I have'nt really been eating to much of the sweets. I have been sending them to work with my daughter & the hubs. I love baking & usually that all starts in the fall. I am secretly wishing it to get here faster. Its amazing to have AC so I can bake during all this heat & humidity. I would of never given it a second thought when we lived without AC. I just keep telling myself wait for that first bill. LOL Today I am making peanut butter cookies at the request of my daughter's co-worker. The house smells so good.

I also wanted to share with you that great find I found at the garage sale a couple of weeks ago. This beauty was a steal for $20.00 It definitely needs some TLC but I just fell in love with it. With a new grandbaby on the way I need to get that done so I can use it come March. :)

Oh & I also mentioned before that one of my groups on Ebay called CPLG (Country & Primitive Ladies Group) was having a launch starting yesterday. I will add our logo & you can click on that to take you over there. It is a "Falloween Launch" with lots of neat goodies that we all have made especially for this launch. As for me, I am late as usual. I am frantically working on some wooly goodies that will hopefully *keeping fingers crossed* be up in the next day or so. Please check back each day because I know some of the girls will be adding new items often & some are posting at later dates this week due to their personal schedules. I hope you find some great treasures that you just cant live without, I know I will be shopping too. This is the kick off for my favorite time of the year. What better way to say** H*E*L*L*O **F*A*L*L** than to purchase something fun for you or your home. **EDITED** It's not allowing me to link the pic for some reason. So click on the Falloween in this sentence & it should take you over. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well off to sewing. Have a great week & I will check back soon. Pray for faster internet for me please. LOL ~Toodles

Monday, August 10, 2009

We Made It

Yes, we finally made it to the south. Boy they were'nt kidding when they said it was hot & humid. It really has'nt been as hard to take as I thought it would be. Now the bugs, frogs, lizards & snakes are a whole nother story. LOL I hate anything that is reptile related. It just gives me the eebie jeebies. So far I have been eaten alive by skeeters & what we think are chiggers. Its just plain ol nasty.

As for our house. WE LOVE IT! We did good considering we only saw the outside when we were here on vacation. It is so nice & big. The rooms are gigantic & I cant wait to get all my prims & antiques out to decorate.

I have slowly but surely been unpacking boxes. It actually feels like I just keep moving from side to side in the garage. LOL I know I am making progress but it's a slow go for sure. I am taking each room as I go. I dont want to rush the pictures on the wall until I get a feel for where all the furniture is going to stay. My hubby thinks I am crazy. Hey I figure the less holes in the wall the better. I will be the one fixing all of them if we keep moving things. I have assured him that it will feel like home before he knows it.

We had some exciting news right before the move. Our daughter Tarynn was scheduled for surgery. She got to the hospital & was all ready to go & they came out & told her the surgery was off. Apparently, she did'nt have a clue that she was pregnant. So we are now expecting our first grandbaby the end of March. Unfortunately Tarynn will have to suffer with her gall bladder until after the baby is born. So far things have been great....just some morning sickness. We're hoping that passes here in another month. We went out this weekend & hit some great yard sales & found some adorable baby things that were practically brand new. I dont think she will have any trouble getting everything she needs for this lil punkin. I am just so thankful that we moved when we did. I could'nt imagine not being here with her during her pregnancy.

Well I better get going & get back to work. I have to hit some more boxes. I am also working on some fall items for an upcoming themed auction on Ebay. My group CPLG (Country & Primitive Ladies Group) will be hosting a "Faloween" themed auction beginning on August 16th. I will get the link & exact info & post it in here this week. Hope you can come by & shop with us. It has been a long time since I have seen some of my crafting items. It's been like Christmas! LOL

I have to share the exciting find I found at the yard sale too. I will go take pics of it tomorrow. Have a great day. ~Toodles