Monday, August 17, 2009

Dial Up Argh

I have to apologize for my lack of postings. I am still fighting with dial up. Oh my gosh I could just throw this computer through the window. Hubby is still trying to get our wireless card so we can resume at normal speed. This thing now is far from normal.

So anyways, on to good stuff. I am super excited! I reached a goal of 50lbs. Yes, I have lost 50lbs since surgery. YIPPEE! It is very exciting to be able to wear things that I have'nt worn or seen in years. Since moving I have uncovered a treasure of clothes that were packed away in hopes of ever getting into them. I can now say I am in them & some are too big. So next goal is another 25lbs. It is slowing up a bit so I will really have to get stricter with my food choices.

On that what have I been doing? BAKING! I know the worse thing to do when trying to eat right. I am in a baking frenzy. The other day I made sugar cookies that were to die for. The next day pumpkin scones like the ones at Starbucks. All I can say is Yummy! Luckily I have'nt really been eating to much of the sweets. I have been sending them to work with my daughter & the hubs. I love baking & usually that all starts in the fall. I am secretly wishing it to get here faster. Its amazing to have AC so I can bake during all this heat & humidity. I would of never given it a second thought when we lived without AC. I just keep telling myself wait for that first bill. LOL Today I am making peanut butter cookies at the request of my daughter's co-worker. The house smells so good.

I also wanted to share with you that great find I found at the garage sale a couple of weeks ago. This beauty was a steal for $20.00 It definitely needs some TLC but I just fell in love with it. With a new grandbaby on the way I need to get that done so I can use it come March. :)

Oh & I also mentioned before that one of my groups on Ebay called CPLG (Country & Primitive Ladies Group) was having a launch starting yesterday. I will add our logo & you can click on that to take you over there. It is a "Falloween Launch" with lots of neat goodies that we all have made especially for this launch. As for me, I am late as usual. I am frantically working on some wooly goodies that will hopefully *keeping fingers crossed* be up in the next day or so. Please check back each day because I know some of the girls will be adding new items often & some are posting at later dates this week due to their personal schedules. I hope you find some great treasures that you just cant live without, I know I will be shopping too. This is the kick off for my favorite time of the year. What better way to say** H*E*L*L*O **F*A*L*L** than to purchase something fun for you or your home. **EDITED** It's not allowing me to link the pic for some reason. So click on the Falloween in this sentence & it should take you over. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Well off to sewing. Have a great week & I will check back soon. Pray for faster internet for me please. LOL ~Toodles

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