Friday, April 24, 2009

Altered Tag

I have always had a fondness for all the altered art out there. I decided to give it a try this last week. So here are the pics of the wooden tags I created for my daughter Tarynn & Brittney(my 2nd daughter). They have decided to do the American Diabetes Association Walk. I thought it would be cute to make these tags to pin on their shirts somewhere. After completing them I knew they would be to bulky for around the neck. Personally, it would of drove me batty to be walking & sweating & having this thing around my neck. Hahaha!! So I added the little heart clip to the end so they could hang a safety pin off of that. I think Brittney opted to hang hers on the stroller. The one thing I was going for is versatility....I figured if I left it a lil generic they could use them again if they did a breast cancer walk or any wonderful cause they choose. So come Saturday, April 25th if you are in the Little Rock, Arkansas area you may just see them walking their little hearts out. Good Luck girls....drink lots of water!

Speaking of my daughter....I am so proud of her. She has always been so committed to giving back. She has done so many wonderful things in our community. All through high school she worked Toy For Tots, Special Olympics, Roadside Trash Cleanup, Adopt A Soldier, flag placement in our local cemetary for Memorial Day as well as leading the 21 Gun Salute that went to all of the cemetaries in our valley. It was an all day event which was normally VERY hot & tiring. She also started a program at her high school to collect items for all the soldiers over in Iraq. She boxed everything up & mailed them all on her own. I am so proud of her & her BIG heart ♥. She has always been giving & thoughtful. A mom couldnt ask for anything better. Gonna share some of the pictures from some of those events. Thanks for visiting us & taking a look at my ramblings.

Have a wonderful weekend! Toodles Ü

Saturday, April 18, 2009

WW White Chili

You know I mentioned Kathy being here for our quilting retreat weekend? Well her sister in law Joan made this for us for dinner. I was blown away. I have to admit, I am not a big chili person and white chili....lets just say, I wouldnt be first in line for it. Boy was I mistaken! I am so thankful that I was visiting & wouldnt consider turning down dinner after graciously being invited.

The Chicken:

This chili is oh so yummy! Believe it or not it is a Weight Watchers recipe. It is so flavorful & filling too. Dont let the jalapenos scare you away. It has a mild zip but nothing thats gonna burn your tongue off. I chose to add three instead of four & it was perfect. They were good size peppers too...about 4 inches in length. Just to let you know, this is a very thick chili so if you like more broth you may want to add more chicken stock. Also, this doesnt make a ton....I would guess about 4-6 cups. Next time I will be doubling if not tripling it. I am sure it would freeze beautifully in ziploc freezer bags. You have to try it. It is easy peasy & just so good!

The Veggies:

The White Northern Beans:

Here is the the chili recipe I used. We topped it with shredded cheese & more green onions. Yummers!

Dinner Complete:

Let me know if try it & like it.
Well I am off to work on some of those pending projects. Have a great day! Toodles Ü

Friday, April 17, 2009

Still Trying To

get caught up. :) It has been a crazy month or two.

Some of you that know me know that I have been trying to have WLS (weight loss surgery)for quite some time. I was finally approved. It all kind of took off quickly after that. HahahaThey approved me for surgery & had me scheduled in a matter of a week. It was crazy fast. So as of March 31st I am now on the path to healthier living WooHoo! The surgery went extremely well. Other than minor discomfort it was easier than having my children. ;) I am about three weeks out & am finally getting some energy back. I am so excited to get healthier & have more energy to live life to the fullest besides not having diabetes or high blood pressure now. I will keep you updated on my progress as it unfolds. So far I am about 10 pounds down. Here are the pics that my hubby took before surgery. We want to keep a month to month log of the progress. If anyone has struggled your whole life with weight & the battles that ensue with trying to lose....I highly recommend this surgery. Do your research & check your doctor out thoroughly. The actual surgery was not to bad but the wrapping your head around only being able to eat 3-4 bites of food & being so stuffed that you cant breathe takes a little adjustment. I am not complaining in any way. It is all worth it!!

As for the rest of has been great! About a month before surgery I had bought a lottery ticket. I dont normally buy them. I had won on a couple of tickets I had purchased. I decided to go back & take half the amount in cash & get the other $5 in lottery tickets. Well my 2nd ticket in was a big winner. I won a trip to be on the lottery tv show. It is an all expense paid trip so it will be fun no matter what. The games have changed so much that you dont win as much as you used to but we are guaranteed a minimum amount so thats not bad at all. I think the experience alone will be a blast & a lifetime of memories. Our trip is planned for May so I will keep you posted to the outcome.

Like I said things have been crazy here. I am working on finishing my quilt top from when my BFF Kathy was here. I am also working on some scrapbook mini albums too. Tarynn is walking in the American Diabetes Association walk so I am working on another craft for her to carry along with her. I will share all my treasures with you as I finish them.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. I will be back in the next day or two to bring you more news. Have a wonderful weekend. :)
Toodles Ü