Thursday, August 20, 2009

He's growing up to fast

Well yesterday was the first day of school. My baby started the sixth grade. :( Gosh I remember his first day of school getting on that yellow bus looking so tiny in comparison. He's my last one & I just remember how fast it went for Tarynn & Taylor once they hit junior high. He's gonna be gone before I blink. It makes me sad to think that I am heading into a new season of life without my kids in the home but with that new season brings a new grandbaby. We are just thrilled about that.

So anyways before I get to worked up. I felt bad for Travis yesterday. He is in a new place, new school & this is the first year he has multiple classes. A little overwhelming for him. Travis suffered from mild autism when he was born & routine is very important for him to function. So we have been going over everything & trying to give him all that he needs to get through the day with ease. He came home yesterday very exhausted but pretty upbeat. I was so happy that he made it through. He managed the bus ride there & finding where he needed to be. He had a hard time with the accents though. LOL He came home & said, "Mom they talk funny." I had to laugh! I told him it will get easier to understand the more you're around them. They probably think he talks funny. Hahaha All in all, we had a successful first day! Yay

Well I am still trying to finish up my items for the Falloween launch. I made a lot of progress yesterday but the internet was down. I am hoping to complete my scarecrow today & get his pics done. My album is almost ready too. So I will let you know when I finally get them listed. Thanks for all your patience.

Have a great day! ~Toodles

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