Monday, August 10, 2009

We Made It

Yes, we finally made it to the south. Boy they were'nt kidding when they said it was hot & humid. It really has'nt been as hard to take as I thought it would be. Now the bugs, frogs, lizards & snakes are a whole nother story. LOL I hate anything that is reptile related. It just gives me the eebie jeebies. So far I have been eaten alive by skeeters & what we think are chiggers. Its just plain ol nasty.

As for our house. WE LOVE IT! We did good considering we only saw the outside when we were here on vacation. It is so nice & big. The rooms are gigantic & I cant wait to get all my prims & antiques out to decorate.

I have slowly but surely been unpacking boxes. It actually feels like I just keep moving from side to side in the garage. LOL I know I am making progress but it's a slow go for sure. I am taking each room as I go. I dont want to rush the pictures on the wall until I get a feel for where all the furniture is going to stay. My hubby thinks I am crazy. Hey I figure the less holes in the wall the better. I will be the one fixing all of them if we keep moving things. I have assured him that it will feel like home before he knows it.

We had some exciting news right before the move. Our daughter Tarynn was scheduled for surgery. She got to the hospital & was all ready to go & they came out & told her the surgery was off. Apparently, she did'nt have a clue that she was pregnant. So we are now expecting our first grandbaby the end of March. Unfortunately Tarynn will have to suffer with her gall bladder until after the baby is born. So far things have been great....just some morning sickness. We're hoping that passes here in another month. We went out this weekend & hit some great yard sales & found some adorable baby things that were practically brand new. I dont think she will have any trouble getting everything she needs for this lil punkin. I am just so thankful that we moved when we did. I could'nt imagine not being here with her during her pregnancy.

Well I better get going & get back to work. I have to hit some more boxes. I am also working on some fall items for an upcoming themed auction on Ebay. My group CPLG (Country & Primitive Ladies Group) will be hosting a "Faloween" themed auction beginning on August 16th. I will get the link & exact info & post it in here this week. Hope you can come by & shop with us. It has been a long time since I have seen some of my crafting items. It's been like Christmas! LOL

I have to share the exciting find I found at the yard sale too. I will go take pics of it tomorrow. Have a great day. ~Toodles

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Rosalie said...

Hi Janna

Congrats on your grandbaby and the move!!!

I am so happy for you that you are there with your daughter through her pregnancy :-)

Goodluck with all.