Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sammy's Star Album

Two posts today. Write it on the calendar because it probably wont happen again in this lifetime. Hahaha Since I have the crown for being the worst blogger ever! I told you a few days back that I was working on a mini album for my future daughter in law Sammy. I got it finished & wanted to share it with you.

It came out cuter than I had imagined. I think she will love it since all the pics are special to her. It was super easy & blast to put together. If you get the chance to make it. They are a lot of fun. They also make great holiday, teacher & hostess gifts. I already have two requests for one.

Well I am off to finish up dressing those dollies that were on the list from the other day too. Got them all sewn & stuffed. I just have to dress their naked bodies & put their faces on. Will be back to show them to you soon. Have a wonderful weekend. Toodles♥

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