Saturday, February 14, 2009

♥Happy Valentines Day♥

Happy Valentines Day to each & every one of you.
I am so excited to say that my son
arrived home from Iraq yesterday. I am counting the days down until we get to see him.
I am at peace now knowing he is safe & sound.

I love this picture of my husband. I am an avid picture taker. Since I scrapbook I can say that there is'nt much that I dont document in pictures. My family has gotten use to it. :) Well, out of the millions of pictures, I can honestly say, this is my absolute favorite. I love his eyes. They just have a sparkle about them. So being Valentines Day I have dedicated this blog to my honey bunny. I love him more today than the first day I laid eyes on him. He makes me happy & so fulfilled. We know we are soulmates & we were meant to be together. I cannot even imagine him not being in my life. With that being said.....Honey, I wish you the happiest of days. All my love till the end of time. I am so glad you are my ♥valentine♥

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