Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Girlie Girl

Today I am dedicating my blog post to my beautiful daughter Tarynn. She is 21 yrs old. She works full time & goes to college full time as well. Her goals are set & she knows what she wants out of life. I love her spirit & drive. Tarynn is liked by everyone. This girl has so many friends we cant keep up. Tarynn is our only daugher & the oldest of all the kids. She is a great sissy to her brothers. Recently she has moved across the country & I am hating it. She was my partner in crime on shopping sprees, my movie partner for all those sappy chick flicks & just my best friend. I miss you so much Tarynn.

T* trendsetter- Tarynn has always been a trendsetter. All the way back to grade school she
never cared what the "in thing"was. She had her own style that has carried through to her adult years. Tarynn would wear something one day and then you would see everyone wearing it after that. She has so much confidence!
A* artistic- Talented beyond belief. She is so artistic. She has designed logos for bands, as well as band merchandise. Her passion is music & it spills out into her art.

R* responsible- Has always made good decisions. Tarynn has never given us a lick of trouble.She was the easiest child to raise. She has always made us proud.

Y* y'all- Hahaha! This word will now be a permanent part of her language. Love you Tarynn!

N* nicknames- Girlie Girl, Sissy, T, Tarini, Tar

N* night owl- She takes after her momma. This girl survives on very little sleep. She will

go & go until she just poops out. She is constantly on the move & searching for new adventures.

Just a little glimpse of our perfect girl. Tarynn you are my inspiration! Love you sunshine!


Anonymous said...

love you mom

Doris said...

Beautiful is right!! She's a doll.