Saturday, February 21, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today is my son Taylor's (or as we call him "Bubba") 19th birthday! I talked to him this morning & got to wish him a Happy Birthday. I am so glad he is home from Iraq so I could do that. It is so sad that he is far from home & has to spend it alone. I wish we were closer so we could celebrate with him. I told him that in March we will be having a Christmas celebration & birthday all in one. I cant wait to see him & give him the biggest hug.

I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pics of him. Look at those curls....are'nt they to die for. He has long since lost the curls (much to mom's disappointment). He has grown up. He was 6'2" last time we measured. His dad is 6'5". Actually all my kids are tall like their dad...unlike their short momma. He is lean like him too. He has the most gorgeous blue eyes. He has to get those from his Grandpa Reilly because we all have brown eyes. In fact, I think he may have gotten the curly hair from him too. Unfortunately he never got to meet him.

Taylor loves to work out & has an interest in MMA fighting (Mom cringing at the thought). He has always been disciplined with his workouts all through junior high & high school. I think thats what made ROTC & Army Bootcamp a breeze for him. Taylor has the funniest sense of humor. I can always count on him to make me laugh & smile. He is so witty & quick with it too. I think I miss that the most. He is my child that knows how to push my buittons the most, but my child that can make me laugh & forget being mad at him in a heartbeat. Taylor... We are wishing you the bestest birthday....even if your momma isnt there. May all your birthday wishes come true! We love you Bubba♥

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Doris said...

What a handsome man and his little boy picture is adorable. So glad he's safely home!!