Thursday, April 10, 2008

Banished To The Basement

Hahaha....Yep it's down in the basement again for me. Jim & I are going to go down & get through the last of the boxes. Once we get to that point they will atleast be seperated according to keep & discard. YIPPEE! I will then have the distinct honor of re-packing the keep boxes so they will survive transport mode. Can you tell I am overjoyed & jumping up & down with excitement....NOT! LOL

Going to work on my pink & brown dollie tonight....if time & energy allows. *Ü* I am excited to see her finished. My daughter wants me to add a banner that says "Prim". I think that will be cute. So stay tuned to see the progress.

Well we keep getting snow showers here. They are predicting that we will see temps in the 60's in the days ahead. I am not holding my breath. Here in Idaho it changes in a matter of minutes, I tell ya. I have literally seen raining on one side of the street & sunshine on the other. Never thought those old sayings were true until moving up here. It is a rather cool thing to experience. I am going to miss it here. There are so many good things about having four seasons. Well enough about that I will get depressed thinking about what we will be missing. :) Going to try & stay focused on all the good that we will experience in our new place. :)

Oh, one more thing, I had to share. I took some pictures in our front yard of the pine trees. We have huge, huge, huge trees. Did I say they were huge? LOL Anyways, since we moved in my son Travis has been fascinated with the eagles nest he spotted. This thing is so big & way up in this tree. I decided to snap a few pics of it to share. We haven't seen any eagles yet but I think it is still too cold. If you drive out near the lake on highway you can see eagles nests on the tops of the light poles. That is something that was an Idaho experience for us.
Well hubby is up wandering around & heading for the coffee pot. Guess it's basement time. Argh! I guess I wouldn't have this problem if I wasn't such a pack rat. Hahaha

Have a great day! Toodles *Ü*
**Thank you Mo. Trying to think positive. :) New adventures await. LOL**


Maureen said...

Janna, the pink doll is adorable and I can't wait to see her prim sister.Congrats on seeing the light at the end of the tunnel sorting-wise. Moving is such a tiring, stressful time so keep dreaming ahead to the new memories you and your lovely family will be making in your new home.

Rissa said...

Hi Janna Banana!
Thank you for the sweet sweet things you posted on my blog. You are such a good friend and kind person.

If I were closer, I'd totally come over and help ya with your packing. Has Jim gone yet? I know you'll be ok, you are one tough cookie. Ü

BTW, love that pink dollie!!!

Lotsa hugs!