Monday, April 28, 2008

Running Like Crazy

It has been crazy here. Trying to get the remaining things sorted for the big sale. I finally set the date May 17th. I will be pricing it all this week. I will be so glad to have all this stuff out of here & the sale over. ;) I definitely fall into that "hoarder" category. I wouldn't say to an obsessive stage but I do love me some junk. LOL It really is a good feeling to finally be rid of some of it though. Baby steps to a less clutter free life. Hahaha

Well I have been so bad with my blog this week. I have just been mentally & physically drained. Woke up yesterday to that favorite time for us that explains it all. I am hoping to get that out of the way so I can get back to everything that needs to be tended to.

I did get my Amish Bread know the one from Carm's new site Chubba Girl. I changed mine up just a bit. I used the apple but instead of pecans & raisins I used walnuts & dried cranberries (what I had on hand). Can I just say HEAVEN. LOL It came out so moist & yummy. This is definitely a keeper for the holidays, craft shows & gift giving. You have to try this one. Cruise back through the posts for the Amish starter. I know Carm had a problem with hers spoiling. I would imagine with some the heat we have had around the states (not mine of course) it might be hard to keep from spoiling. I may try & experiment this week & see what happens if we put it in the fridge. It may not rise when it comes to the baking part...who knows! I will let you know how it does. I also took pics of those sugar cookies I made. They were so fun. I now am on the hunt for all kinds of cookie cutters. Oh and can you see that cheeseburger? All I can say is MAKE THIS! These are so fantastic & EASY! My family is hooked on them. The recipe is on Carms site. My pics are horrid but I swear you will not be disappointed in the taste. The sauce is the best. I use that new Pace Triple Pepper Salsa & oh my gosh they are so good. We like things spicy so it has a bit of heat but regular salsa will work too. Let me know if you try them & what you think. It is a super easy & filling. I made my patties about 5 1/2" around & they fit those gigantic buns just perfect. Thank you Carm for sharing that recipe.

You all are probably sick & tired of my weather updates. I find it so funny that the weather can change so drastically in such a short amount of time. I took these two pics withing a week of each other. You never know what your day has in store here. I think we are in for some sun soon. I am looking forward to opening the windows for some fresh air. Jim called yesterday & said it was 99 in San Diego. Did I say I hate heat though. Argh! I am so not looking forward to the heat. Ok, enough complaining/whining.

I compiled some pics of fun things I've collected over the past few months from the antique/flea market here. I will share a handful today & some more tomorrow. It has been so fun to get them out & photograph my treasures. I am sure nobody else thinks they are treasures but me. Funny how little things can make you happy & smile. Even better is that most were less than a $1. How awesome is that? First pic is rick rack...some very vintage. I know have around thirty packages of rick rack in different widths. My fav is the micro mini stuff. Second pic is spoons I found for painting. I have a great pattern from Steph at Sunshine & Ravioli. Third is some vintage post cards. Love the little girl in the corner. Too precious! Fourth pic is straight pins. There was this little dirty bag of them. Once I got them home & out of that nasty bag I found some treasures in there. There were a couple of pins that had black beads that were glass and my most prized one is the one that has a flat purple glass head that you can see through. Just gorgeous! Fifth is some doves. Some are plastic & some are glass. I believe they used these on wedding cakes. I remember my mom using them for that years ago. It just brought back happy memories for me. So thats my collection for today. Will share more tomorrow.

I am trying to get some things made for Mother's Day. I found these tins & fell in love with them. I am hoping this momma gets the whole set. I think there are 6-8 of them. I want to put my mom's stuff in one of them. Hoping to get that done & maybe one filled with fabric & vintage notions for Etsy. My follow through on craft projects has been less than standard. I go to sit down & feel guilty about working on them when there is still packing to do. Am really going to have to find a happy medium so I can still create.

Well prom is this weekend. It sure has been much easier planning prom for a son than a daughter. There is much less prep & work involved. It should be a lot of fun for them. Will share pics beginning of next week. I am hoping he lets me drag them to the resort & lake to get some good pics. He doesn't like me fussing we will see.
Last week Taylor went & had all his cardiology tests done with the Army. We are hoping to hear this week or next if they will accept him. We are so hoping they do. I am not sure if I told you that story or not. A brief run down ....Taylor has planned on joining the Marines since he was in junior high. It has been his dream & mission in life. In fact he wouldn't entertain any other thoughts for back up careers. Well needless to say, the Marine Corp turned him down due to his heart issues from childhood. He was devastated to say the least. He tried the National Guard & they refused him too. We figured one last shot for his choices would be the Army. We got together with the recruiter & he has been awesome. He has really gone to bat for Taylor. The first initial run through they said ok but they wanted him to see a cardiologist. Well that was last week & we received a letter saturday. The letter stated that he felt Taylor did great on all the tests & that it shouldn't interfere whatsoever. So keeping fingers crossed & my sons feet on the ground....we are waiting for the news. Although it scares me to have him go I know this is his calling in life & he will be good at it. He will have such a great future ahead of him. :)

I have a ton of things to do today. I promise to check back in. Have a wonderful day!
Toodles *Ü*


Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

Hi there Janna,
you sound like me lately with the weather we had snow too on the 17th as we were setting up our garage sale and it was sooo cold the first day we closed @1:30pm. saturday was better but still butt april...I hate the pricing part of it...Kimmy and I set up boxes that had $1 $2 etc cause we didn't want to price everything..and we had a ton of FREE boxes...any way good luck on your sale I downloaded those recipes and can't wait to try them..have a great week...Gina :)

Anonymous said...

mom that is such a long.... blog!!!! hahaha but im boerd at work so i read every word of it. lol :]]] love you!

shweetpotato said...

Ohhhh Im so glad you loved your amish cinnamon bread, I started a new batch shhhhh dont tell my hubby lol, I have it hidden in here by my computer, yes I am SICK lol, I get to bake on saturday :D carm