Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Better Late Than Never

Hahaha...story of my life these days.

Well without any more delays.....here she is! This is my Spring Banner Annie that I made for the contest prize. I think she is too cute. I am in love with all the banners that I am seeing out there in blogland.....especially the ones that Candice Carpenter makes. Hers are to die for! If you haven't visited her blog or her shop Peacoats & Party Hats...run now & go see it. LOL Anyways, I am going to run the contest from today until the 8th. All you have to do is leave me a comment & I will add your name to the pot. If I am able to post during the next week you can comment again & have your name put in again....we all like more chances to win right? I will then pull a name on the 9th & announce the big winner. YIPPEE! So tell your friends to come visit & join in on the fun!

My Monkey In The Middle projects are temporarily on hold for now. We have had some changes occur here on the homefront. Some of you may know that my hubby Jim is moving us back to San Diego, CA the first week of June. Well, do to reduction in work here he is going to fly out April 12th & start the hiring process at the casino we used to work at. So sadly I will be left here to man the fort & pack this baby up. :( Momma is none to happy either. For one thing we have never been apart & thats sad & scary for me. The other thing is....I dont want to pack. LOL So we will be attacking the basement which is the size of our four bedroom house & full to the brim. A match would be so much easier. LOL Just Kidding! I told him I am not letting him leave until the basement is weeded through & packed. So with that being said, I may be on here less than I already am. I am going to try & remain loyal but I am just not sure how this will all work out. I still want to create & am hoping to get some of my things listed until we close the door on the moving truck. I really just wanted to explain my absense ahead of time.

Oh and may I mention again that spring is nowhere in sight here in Northern Idaho. This is what we got yesterday instead of spring like weather. :) I swear we will be moving in the snow in June if it doesn't stop. Hahaha
Well leave your comments & spread the word. If you look on the email their is a box that says Blog just click on that & it should shoot you over to my blog. Then go to the bottom of the post & click on comments. This little mini annie wants a new home. I also wanted to note that she is made from a Denni Doodles pattern that I adjusted in size. :) Denni has a lot of great dollie patterns. Check her out you wont be disappointed. :)

I have to share with you my Amish Friendship Bread.....It came out fantastic. I slathered butter all over the top (Paula would be proud *Ü*) & whipped up a powdered sugar icing with a sprinkle of cinnamon in it. It was yummy!

And last but not least, look at the bunnies I finished up & sent off on their adventure.
Well I am off to sit with my hubby & relax for the night. Enjoy your evening.

Toodles *Ü*
**Okie Dokie... Here are the entries so far:
Jackie Y.
Linda G.
Jack M.
Niki Mc.
Kathy O.
Trish W.
Rosalie Ortega
Susan F. gotcha now Susan. LOL ;)
Dawn D.
Tarynn R.
Jo L.
Rosalie Olguin
Rosalie Olguin
Jackie Y. hey Jackie pack that bag & you can come too. :)
Annie- I owe you an email. It has been too long. I am glad you are well. You have had the cutest of cuties listed lately. Spring is finally peeking through huh? hugs to you!
Ron S.
Rosalie Olguin
Gina C. - I owe you an email girlfriend. I will write ya soon. :)
Becky P.
Marissa R. -Thank U Rissa. Didnt get that bubble bath after all. LOL
Marissa R. -I love keeping up with all you do too.
Linda G. -Thank you. You R 2 Sweet.
Susan F. - LOL Yay...you remembered your name. U make me smile thank you. :)
Ron S. - I have a younger son so I can only imagine. Whats your daughters name?
Melody S. - Hello Mama. How is the new addition to the family?
Jo L. - Thank you for being so sweet & all your hard work. Love your blog.
Linda G. - It is nice to get of junk thats for sure. Now a car fitting in for me is out of the ? LOL
Diana M. -Thank you Diana. Cant wait for the upcoming workshop.
Jack M. - Good Luck :)
Carm -Thank you Carm
Rosalie Olguin-Thank you Rosalie..I am loving the spoolie too. :)
Wising you all good luck!! ♣
Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. Good Luck to all of you! *Ü*


myrtleme said...

i love yer 'Spring Banner Annie' she's adorable-(i have just the right spot fer her!). good luck on waiting fer spring-here in Missouri--it keeps teasing us---but i think it's COMIN!!!!-hope so anyway, jackie.

Anonymous said...

I had quit collecting dollies but I just can't resist trying to win this one! She is definitely the exception and she is adorable!!

Linda G

Oh, by the way, Blogger hates me so I will have to post anonymous but I will check back with your blog after the contest to see who won.

Anonymous said...

I can't log in to blogger so I'll just do it this way. My wife would die to have this dollie, she is so cute.

Jack M

Niki said...

Love the bunnies! Please enter me in your contest for Annie doll:)

Kathy said...

Janna I love your blog, lots of great stuff, an what a cute dolly!

Rosalie said...

Oooooh Janna ~ she turned out beautiful!! Denni does have awesome patterns!!

Good Luck in the move! I hear ya on the packing! I hate it myself ~ we are weeding through all the kids stuff and I cannot believe how much stuff I saved!! LOL

Anonymous said...

What an awesome Annie! I don't think I've ever seen one as cute as her. This is definitely a 'must have' for my collection. I really want a slice of that Amish Friendship Bread too, lol!

Trish said...

Janna, I love your blog and the doll is so cute! Great job as always.


Anonymous said...

I love your dollie!!!! too cute! :]]] - Tarynn ;]]

Rosalie said...

Hi Janna
Love your Spring Banner Annie she is so cute!!! I also hate moving good luck with it all. Love your blog so glad I found you. Enter me in your drawing.

Annie said...

Oh Janna she is adorable!! I would love to win her!! Good luck on the move..you poor thing..having to pack up and move..I moved 4 years ago..and it was a big job but we made it! Best of luck to you and make sure you keep in touch..Annie

Anonymous said...

OK, duh, I am the absentminded Amish Bread commenter.

Susan F

Anonymous said...

The dollie is just precious! My little girl is a doll collector and I would love to give it to her.

Ron S.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo wanting to win this dollie!

Linda G

Anonymous said...

I can only hope that I am the lucky winner.

Susan F (I remembered my name this time lol!)

Anonymous said...

I showed my little girl your dollie and she is driving me nuts (well, more than I am already) for it!

Anonymous said...

I've got my fingers crossed!

Jack M