Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Does anyone else feel this way? I just can't seem to get a handle on prioritizing what needs to be done. It is driving me mad.

I am sure you have noticed how behind I am on my MITM (Monkey In The Middle) projects. ARGH!!!! I have had some orders come in which are GREATLY appreciated & welcomed but I feel like I am falling farther behind than what I want to be. LOL So with that, I want to apologize to you all for my tardiness in most of the things I have intended to do. I am hoping to have all my orders finished by tomorrow & mailed out. WOO HOO

As for my little contest that I want to run, I am hoping to have that prize finished for your viewing pleasure by Thursday. I will get all the details for that ready to post. I am super excited about the prize. It makes me smile *Ü*. So please check back this week for this upcoming event.
My Amish Friendship Bread is coming along nicely. Thank goodness I haven't managed to mess that up yet. Hahaha I am on day 5 today so I added my 1 cuppa of everything to the mix & smush, smush, smush. LOL How are all of yours doing? Carm did you get yours baked yesterday?

Easter went off without a hitch. Kind of a lazy day for us. We went to church & came home & had an indoor egg hunt for Travis. The snow we got a few days ago made it impossible to hide eggs outside. They are calling for more snow this week. So much for spring around here. LOL I added some pictures to my flickr if you want to take a peek. Jim worked all weekend so it was kind of quiet. Just me & the kids hanging at home. I hope all your Easter festivities were grand. A few of you shared what you had planned & it was fun hearing how everyone was spending their holiday. So I guess it is time to start planning Mother's Day right? ;)

I am so excited...I have to share. I am a confessed Blog junkie. I know I will be in a step program before long. Hahaha There are quite a few that I adore & visit often. While visiting Honey Girl Studio for my paper bag album fix, as well as altered art, I saw this ATC (Artist Trading Card) Happy Easter George & fell in love with it. It is so cute & whimsical. Well Tootie sent me an email saying I won the card. YIPPEE...I love this boys face. I am so excited to get it. Thank you Tootie! Go check out her work. It is so much fun! :)
Well I am going to get busy with that prize & get everything buttoned up here. Will be back soon to share & get this party started.

Have a wonderful day friends.
Toodles ♥


Marissa said...

HI girlie!
Love the pics, and WOO HOO to Travis!! So glad you had a happy Easter. Speaking of snow, ahem, we got a little snow the day before and the day of Easter, so we were inside hunters too. ;o)

Get to crackin on those crafts, we all want to see what you're makin. Hugs! Rissa

shweetpotato said...

Yep I got my bread baked that day and another yesterday lol, I have a bag of starter on the counter and also 5 in the freezer omgosh its taking OVER lmbo it sure is good though :D Carm

Rissa said...

Me again!

BTW, I've given you an award, drop by my blog for details.

Hugs, Marissa