Thursday, March 13, 2008

Still Working

Well this week got away from me somehow. Monday just kind of came & went in a blink of an eye. I have to hang my head in shame.
I did get my bunny pillows done. Yippee! Sad to say I did not complete my other bunnies or the album for Carolynne yet.....notice I did add "yet". Hahaha I have listed the pillows on Ebay & Etsy so go take a look at those. :)

I received a wholesale order that has kind of taken up what time I had to work on the MITM (Monkey In The Middle) projects. Sales seem to be picking up. I couldn't be more ecstatic! It has been a long dry spell. I could use some shaking up... thats for sure. So all of this is a welcome breath of fresh air. Now I have to work twice as hard to get the other things done. ;)
Did you all go visit Steph at Sunshine N Ravioli to see how her MITM projects are going? Go check out her blog & website she is super talented & you wont be disappointed. I am going to have another WIP for Monday's MITM. I have some creations swirling in my head & just have to get them down on paper. So stay tuned.
We are still wanting more takers for this challenge. Just let Steph or myself know. It is always fun to have some friendly motivation & good friends to share your accomplishments with. There really is no pressure involved either. Just work at your own pace.

I went to a Stamping Up workshop on Monday night & we made this Easter themed bag & notecard. It was a lot of fun. I am also adding pics of the matchbook style tag book we did before that. I am loving all the projects. There just isn't enough time during the day to get all I want to do done. I am sure you can relate.

Well I hope you have a wonderful day. I am back to stuffing bunnies & painting clothespins. *Hi*HO*HI*HO* It's off to work I go.......


Gina Cooper said...

Hey there Janna,
Thanks for visting my blog...Yours is kewl too. Funny how we come across anothers blog..You did get the anwer right. My Friend April got it right off the bat..really didn't think anyone would..but glad to see there are some of us that remember the good old am I dating myself or what..anywho, I love your items as well..we should trade links...take care and Happy Easter to you as well. We are practically neighbors...:O) Gina of CatNapInnPrimitives

Gina Cooper said...

Hi there Janna,
Thanks for visiting my blog..thought I would check yours out too. Very neat indeed. I like your work as well...We are practically neighbors...I hear it is beautiful where you hubby has been through there..I need too..:)We need to trade links...Hope you have a very Happy Easter too...

shweetpotato said...

Hi Janna,
I got a surprise for you at my blog go take a peek :D Carm