Monday, March 3, 2008

It's Monday....


Sending Monday LOVE! LOL

How was everyone's weekend? Mine was pretty quiet for the most part. I am excited to say I did get some of my WIP's (works in progress) finished. I did not, however, get them all done. :( I finished two of the three. I am happy though. I am a lollygagger, so for me this is progress. Hahaha I am attaching my finished pics. You can look at the previous post to see the "before" pics. :) I did get my fatty bunnies stuffed & grunged. I didn't get their faces done though. So this means they carry over for next monday right? It will be the first one on the list before I do the next two. I decided I was personally going to work in three's. It's a comfort zone thing for me. Not too few & not too much. Hahaha I am going to have to pop over to Steph's Blog & see what she has done for this week. Go visit her & say Hi. I hope to see a few of you join in. It is so satisfying to get projects completed. The bunny box is going to be listed on Etsy today. The ornies were an order from Etsy but are always available for order. Just shoot me an email.

Oh I also wanted to show you the new little creation I attempted. It is sooooo cute! I saw this on Michelle's blog My Paper Tales. I just love this! I am having so much fun making these for people as little "brighten your day" or "birthday" gifts. I had a tough time getting the pattern. Mine still needs a little bit of is a bit crooked. ;) The key is heavy cardstock. My paper was too thin. Anyways, I just loved the brown & pink. I MUST get some paper to make myself one in those colors. You can fill these with little treats too. Just so cute!

Ok so on with the MITM projects for this week. First off I will finish my fatty bunnies. I then want to tackle this latest paperbag book for my niece Carolynne. Her birthday is March 9th. She has always liked bright I am giving her BRIGHT! LOL My third one is a surprise. I am showing you the base. I just love the robins egg blue in this plaid. I am making two but I think I am gonna keep one for myself. I never do this. I always sell everything & never keep the ones I like. So check back next Monday to see how these little rectangles take shape. :)

Have a wonderful Monday....hope it's productive.

**Could one of you please shoot me a reply & let me know what day you get this. I have several blogs that dont come until the day after they post them. If thats the case then I will start sending this out on Sunday so you get it on Monday. Thanks so much! :)



Steph said...

Hey Janna-
Go check out my blog...there's a post there just for the cake slice and the album...I ♥ WIPS!

Take care-

Mockingbird Hill said...

Hi Janna...
Steph sent me over here and I am so glad about that! That cake slice is just about the cutest thing ever ;)

Thanks for sharing your projects..cute stuff!