Friday, March 21, 2008

Isn't It Supposed To Be Spring Argh!!!

Well I thought it was supposed to be spring. I got up this morning to find it snowing like mad I tell ya. :) I went and snapped a couple of pics to show you. Nope I dont see any signs of spring at all.

Looks like we will be having an indoor egg hunt for my youngest. We are going to dye our eggs tonight. I am excited about deviled eggs & egg salad sandwhiches...YUM!

How are you planning on celebrating Easter? Are you fixing a fancy meal or just relaxing & have sandwhiches? I haven't decided what I am going to make yet. Jim is working patrol all weekend (including Sunday :( ) so haven't quite decided whats on the menu. I may just cook something nice since he will be off at a decent hour that night. Any suggestions?

I am excited I finally got my Amish Friendship Bread starter Here is a picture of it ready to go for day 1. Are any of you going to give it a whirl? Carmen is almost done with hers. I think she said she is baking hers on Monday. Cant wait to hear how it is. Baked goods are my weakness. It is bad, bad, bad! hahaha I would take a baked good over a meal anytime. See I told you it was bad. Something I really need to work on. Well if anybody decides to join in on our Amish bake off ....let me know. Would love to see what you do with it.

I am thinking it is time to have some fun. I am going to get something fun together & post it on Monday. We will have a little contest. So stay tuned for an announcement on Monday. :)

Well back to work for me. Have an incredible day!



Rissa said...

Hiya Girly!
Love your snow pics! You take such good photos. Hope Travis has a good time hunting eggs! I *love* deviled eggs, save me some, k? I'll be over right after lunch. ;o) I'm going to do Carm's starter when I have more time. Wanted to thank you for the award! So berry sweet of you. **Muah Muah** xoxo, Marissa

Gina Cooper said...

Hi there,
It has been years since I have made this amish friendship bread, that after seeing it on your blog..I thought it was time to get it going again... I am on day 5 today...Gonna give some to my 2 neighbors and one to my bestest friend...For Easter dinner, I am having our next door neighbors over for ham, garlic/parmaesan smashed taters, asparagus cooked on the grill (if you have never done this you must) it is the only way to eat these.. drizzled with olive oil, salt & pepper...yummmo..and Edwards Key Lime pie.. They are the best your frozen food section..Didn't want to make my famous Carrot cake. But on tuesday we have 3 hungry guys from church over and so I will be baking that cake then...How much snow did you get? they told us we would get some but we got sunshine instead, which was good by me...Take care and have a great Easter and thanks for sharing the recipe again...I have to go take a photo of mine now and post it...
Gina :)