Saturday, March 22, 2008

Our little outdoorsman

Today was the day for Travis my 10 year old to do his shoot for his Hunters Safety class. We have been attending classes every monday for the last eight weeks. Although mom found it quite boring Travis was ecstatic about it. He has been wanting to go hunting with the big boys for a couple of years now. Needless to say, he has been chomping at the bit to reach the golden age of 10 so he could attend class. :) So we trudged on every monday hating every minute of is so boring! Anyways, he finished the class & passed the test with a 95. We were quite proud of him. If you know Travis, this alone was such a huge accomplishment. He was born mildly autistic & has had learning disabilities throughout school. So like I said we were thrilled for him. He was so excited about today because they got to shoot "real" guns. Hahaha He did great & it was a lot of fun seeing his excitement & getting to snap pictures throughout the process. Isn't that hat too funny? It is so big but I know there is no chance of getting him out of it. So we now have a future hunter among out world!

The boys have gone to the movies to see Horton. Once they get back we will dye eggs & get ready for tomorrow.

I think we are going to have a lazy day tomorrow & nothing to fancy. We will go to church in the morning & come home & have our indoor egg hunt. LOL Gotta love the snow! I asked Jim what he would like for the options were wide open. I said I would cook anything he would like. So after all that & hoping it would be something rather nice, considering it's a holiday, he decides he wants philly cheesesteaks. LOL He loves my phillys. So I actually am getting off rather light in the cooking department tomorrow. ;) I hope you all have a wonderful, peaceful & safe Easter. Enjoy your families & friends. Take lots of pictures. Until tomorrow......

Toodles *Ü*

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Niki said...

Love the snow pics! I'm having a silent auction in a quilt I just finished if you wanna come by and see it, or if you know anyone that likes quilts :)