Friday, February 29, 2008

Getting Motivated

I decided I would put my pics up of the three projects that I have in the works at the moment. I know I am supposed to do it on Monday but I didn't get in here this week until yesterday. *Shame* :)

I figured since hubby is on patrol tonight & just announced he is working Sunday too....that it would give me some time to (hopefully) get these done before Monday. Oh and don't doubt for a minute that I wont have one for Monday either. Hahaha I am the queen of WIP's (works in progress). LOL So I have to get it in gear. I need to stay focused, stay motivated, hydrated & well stocked in snacks. Just Kidding! I really am loving this challenge. Thanks Steph!

On another note, I wanted to show you this adorable card my stepmom sent me today. It made me cry. I believe thats me in the picture and aren't the shoes soooo cute. She is a wondeful photographer as you see in all the pics of my family on here. Well things have kind of been a little rough around here with lack of work, small town living and our impending move back to San Diego :( If you haven't been in the loop....hubby has decided to uproot us from our beautiful small town living (poor but small town) for the last five years in hopes of making more $$ & having some sort of future. I am none too happy about it other than the fact we will be home with our family & friends & my hubby will be happier. Where we live is gorgeous & quaint but the economy goes hand in hand with that. It has been such a struggle since we got here five years ago. Hopefully this will be better for us in the long run. *Keeping fingers crossed & saying prayers*. Anyways, I was talking to my dad & stepmom & got really emotional over it all. So I open this card & the outpouring of love & kindness was just too much for me to take. It was such a beautiful card & it just warmed my heart when I needed it the most. Now everytime I look at this card it makes me smile. :)
*Up above on the left is my bunny box. Middle pic is my ornie order from Etsy. Right pic is my bunnies from a new pattern from Heartspun Treasure Primitives. Must have these done by Monday! ;)

Like I said.... I better get a move on.....lots of work to do. Please email if you decide to take part in our little challenge. It will be lots of fun keeping up with all of our processes and finished projects.


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