Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Good To Be Back

Well, it's good to be back. Sheesh! I never intended to be gone for this long. With the holidays, conventions & just plain ol sickness my absense just grew & grew! I am glad to be back. Woo Hoo! I promised myself I was gonna get in here & get busy.....shake things up a bit!

First off Steph, from Sunshine N Ravioli, has started a Monday Blog called Monkey In The Middle. It is a way to post all of your WIP's (works in progress). She is hoping that it will motivate her to get things done. Well I loved the idea & have adopted it too. I will post every monday what I am working on so you can share my progress with me. Be happy to start your own MITM. Steph had this great graphic & said we could use it. So go ahead & grab it if you want to start your own up. I am thinking...what the heck...if this motivates me to get something done...then there is no loss there. Hahaha

I have gotten bitten by the scrapbooking/stamping bug again. After dragging all of my supplies....and I do mean dragging...up from the basement. I have been on a paper bag book frenzy! I am loving it! I just finished a book for my niece Jesica for her birthday. I absolutley love it. I also made my friend Marissa two of them for a Christmas swap & fell in love. I am so sad to say that I forgot to take pics of those albums. Kind of bummed since they were my firsts. I am sure Rissa would copy them for me if I beg her. :) She has been having some computer problems. So maybe once she is up & running again she will do that. She is the biggest sweetie around. LOL...I am adding pics of Jesica's book that I finished. I am currently working on another one for my niece Carolynne whose b-day is coming in March. I figure these teenage girls will love putting their pics & mementos into them.

Well I certainly have been a little long winded. Sorry! I am just excited about all of the things that I have been doing. After being sick for so sure is good to be back up & crafting.
Well I am off to work on my album. I also have some more bunnies in the works. I will hopefully get these bunnies listed on my Ebay & Etsy site by the end of the weekend. Here are two bunnies that I did from Missy's..... free pattern. I just love them. I may list them again....but not sure if I will. I just may keep these cuties for myself!

Well have a terrific day & glad to be back. Toodles

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girliegirl1217 said...

hi mom,
your blog is cute! lol but i wanted to tell you that the last picture you posted did show up when i looked at it. it could be my computer but just wanted to let ya know! lol i love you...see ya in afew min at the dinner table. :]]]