Monday, April 7, 2008

*One More Day*

until the big giveaway! **YIPPEE** Are you totally excited? I am! I will be using Random.Org for the official winning number. I figure that is as fair as you can get. I will draw the winning number first thing in the morning & announce it here. I will then need the winner to email me their home addy. Wishing you all the best of luck tomorrow. Thank you so much for playing with me & visiting my life. LOL

I had so much fun making my Spring Dollie that I decided to get another one going. Here is a peek of my naked dollie. Dont you just love those fabrics? I am in love with brown & pink these days. Not the turquois & brown so much. *Bleck* I adore the little stars on the fabric too. This one will be put into my Etsy shop once I get her done.

Now on to my MITM (Monkey In The Middle) project. I finished up my baby girl spoolie mini album. I just love how this came out. It is so girlish & cute. It is a little mini album. I will be listing this today or tomorrow on Etsy as well. I am also making ready made spoolie kits that can be purchased there as well. The kits will contain all the elements & instruction for creating your own spoolie mini album. I will do all the work for you. You get to do the fun part of creating your memory masterpiece! *Ü* I am really excited about this endeavor. Let me know what you think of them once I list them.

Well I think that about covers my day. Hope you all are having a terrific Monday.

Toodles *Ü*


shweetpotato said...

omgosh how CUTE you have been busy :D Love your little spring baby too :D Carm

Rosalie said...

Just one day left and we know who the winner is. : ) I can hardley wait. Your Monkey In The Middle and the baby girl spoolie mini album are so cute!!!