Friday, May 16, 2008

She Is Alive....Really

Hahaha. Once again I am apologizing for going so long in between posts. Life has kind of taken over the last few weeks. It has been crazy around here.
We got through prom without a hitch. It was so fun! I am adding a few pictures of Taylor & Sam. They had a blast & looked so cute.
Tomorrow is the big rummage sale. I have been weeding through junk for the last two weeks. It is rather refreshing to see some of it go. I will be so glad when this weekend is over & this is behind me.

Two weeks yesterday until my honey is home. I cannot wait! I am just thankful that we have cell phones, computers & other ways of communications these days. I was talking to my mom about how it must have been awful during Vietnam & wars prior for the spouses to communicate. We really are lucky for modern technology is some aspects...not all....but some of the conveniences are most welcome. :)

BIG NEWS!!!! I am not sure if I have gotten into the story about my Taylor trying to enlist in the Marine Corp (being that it has been a life long dream of his)? Well, they turned him down due to his heart condition & he was pretty devastated by the news. He never thought to prepare a back up plan for life. We tried to boost his spirits & offer other suggestions that he may want to try. With that, we went & spoke with the National Guard with no luck. We then decided to talk to the Army. We met the most awesome recruiter (Sgt. Sumner). He has gone out of his way to push & pull strings for Tay. Taylor had to go to Washington & see cardiologists that put him through a battery of tests. Those findings had to be sent to Washington D.C. for review. We have been waiting & waiting for this to go through the chain of command & to get some kind of word. Well, we are excited to say that Taylor has been ACCEPTED into the Army. YIPPEE!! He is so excited & on cloud nine. We are scared but so proud of him. We really feel the military is his calling in life. He is going to excel & go far....I just know it! So Monday we will be heading to Washington for him to be sworn in. Of course I will have photos when we get back.

I also have to tell you that I have met some of the most awesome people online. About a week ago I was the luckiest person to be a recipient of a RAK (random act of kindness). I just have to tell you that it couldn't of came at a better time. Laura of Wish You Were Here sent me a goodie package that was just incredible. She makes the most amazing cards. You have to go sign up for her blog. She will just blow you away with her creativity. Anyways, awhile back she had made this latte card that holds a gift card. I loved it. Just thought it would be the cutest thing to give some of my friends. I mentioned it in blog conversation. Well let me tell you....she sent me two of them....yes two of them. She even snuck a little coffee card in there for me. I was so excited! She also sent me the most gorgeous card along with it. She had a little cheerful pick me up note that did the trick. Laura if you are reading this....I just want to tell you that you made my week & it really was heartfelt & welcomed. We are planning on getting together for lunch on one of my trips to or through Vegas. I cant wait to meet her in person. She is just the sweetest person ever.
The second wonderful treat I received was from Tracy at Eat, Sleep, Stamp. She had hosted an Amuse ribbon swap. Wonderful ribbon by the way! I am in love with their stamps too. Anyways, she had showed a picture of all the empty ribbon spools. Well I am sure you know where this is leading....LOL. Since I had just finished a spoolie album I was drooling over so many empty spools. After emailing her about them...we both kind of got sidetracked with life. She was able to salvage quit a few from the recycling bin (hubby was helping clean up). She was so sweet & mailed me the box of spools. She wouldn't let me pay her for shipping or anything. I just want to say THANK YOU so much Tracy. I cant wait to get settled in San Diego & get back to my scrappin. Go check out Tracy's blog. She is an amazing artist with a lot of talent too. I wish I had her energy. She is always upbeat & perky!
I have so much to share since I haven't been here. I will try & get back in here Sunday to share my Mothers Day pics & some really neat pics I took around town. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. The weather is supposed to actually be hot here. We haven't seen temps over the 60's this year so that will be nice. Cant wait to open the windows & let some fresh air in. You know...get out there & blow the stink off. LOL

Have a great weekend. Toodles Ü

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Laura said...

Wow, girl, you have been busy! I am glad to hear you sounding so upbeat, these two weeks are going to be gone before you know it. Congratulations, it sounds like Taylor is living a dream, I am so glad that worked out for him.

You are welome, I am so glad you got your RAK at the right time!

Can't wait to hear about your Mother's Day! Hope you have a great week!