Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We're Getting There

It has been a busy week here. Rush, rush, rush! I have been just a running & a running.

Monday Tarynn & I got up early & left for Spokane to watch my son Taylor be sworn into the Army. It was such a proud & yet sad moment in my life. My kids are growing up & flying the coop. :( It was so neat to be able to witness it though. Taylor was on cloud nine. This has been such a battle to get to this point. We are so proud of him...yet scared for him too. I know he will flourish. He has high goals & is highly motivated. He will be leaving for Ft. Benning, Georgia on June 17th. So little time for us to prepare. I am just glad he gets to go home with us to San Diego for a brief visit with family before boot camp. :)
The sale was good. Not as profitable as I had hoped but good, none the less. Atleast I got rid of tons of stuff. I am still working on getting rid of the big furniture items. It is all falling into place though.

I went running around this morning collecting boxes from U-Haul & some of the local stores. I will get to filling those later today. LOL

I promised to share Mothers Day photos. We had such a wonderful day. It was picture perfect other than my honey not being here. :( He sent me the most beautiful roses ever. My daughter Tarynn & her boyfriend Adam took me & his mom to a local restaurant called the Snakepit (pictured in slideshow). It was a lot of fun & yummy too. Later that day all of the kids & I went to the movies. We really enjoyed our day. I think we had more fun playing with the timer on the camera than anything else. Did I say we are easily amused? LOL I know I am late...but I hope you all had as wonderful a Mother's Day as I had.

Well I better get to gettin...lots to do. I will be back soon. Thank you all for all the sweet comments & emails of encouragement that you send to me. It means the world to me. I hope I can give to you as you have given to me. *Ü*

Have a wonderful day! Toodles *Ü*


Marissa said...

Hey Janna Banana,
Just poppin' in to see how you are! You got such beautiful flowers for Mothers day... And YEAH TAYLOR!!! Woo Hoo!!

I'll be praying for you, that the next few weeks pass without a hitch. Pretty soon you'll be a cali girl again. ;o)

Great big hugs, Rissa

kmclaughlin said...

beautiful flowers for mothers day!!
my daughter's fiance is in iraq.. he will be there till feb. 2009.
i have known this boy since they were in grade school together. its so sad to be thinking of them over in another country far from a mother's touch. hugs going out to you and your family.. please let him know that i, for one, along with millions of others in this world are so proud of him and what the army stands for!!
hugs, kim