Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Back

I am so sorry for the long break. Life just kind of takes over at times. Blogging just seems to get put on the back burner. I owe you all a months full of catch up. So I think I left off with Travis' B-day.

We had a great day full of special surprises for him. We started at 9 a.m. & didnt get home until about 9 p.m. It was all worth it. So lets get to the days events.

We headed down to the Alligator Farm first. It was pretty neat. They had a petting zoo that you go through first. That was kind of cool feeding the goats & such. You then proceed out to where they have the gators. They had all kinds of them. Unfortunately, now that the weather had gotten a little cooler they were'nt as active as they are in summer. We plan on going back next summer to really see them in action. Travis got to watch them feed. He also got a chance to pet one of the little gators. He was a little stand offish when it came to that. He even got a chance to talk to the owner who does all the feedings. The owner showed him his battle wounds from last year when a gator got his arm. Travis was pretty impressed with that. LOL

After the gator farm we headed to his all time favorite place....McDonalds. Yes life is'nt complete until you have McDonalds. I swear that child would live on chicken nuggets & fries if he could. Hahaha

Once we finished up lunch we headed back to Little Rock & took him to the movies to see Nine. It was'nt so bad for a kid movie. He loved it so thats all that mattered.

We then headed out to Toys R us & a few other stops. We decided to take him to a catfish buffet for dinner. This child loves seafood. We ended up choosing a restaurant that we had never been to. It was a cute lil place & he got his fill of shrimp & catfish.

For our final destination on the birthday extravaganza was a haunted maze called "Field Of Screams." He enjoyed it but in reality it really sucked. It had a lot of potential but they just did'nt have enough people to work it. This was his first experience with anything haunted. He loved it so we were happy. My pics didnt come out at the maze & I was so bummed. Hubby took this great pic of the moon though.

We went back to the house so he could open up his gifts. He was super excited to get the WII Resort game & some Jurassic Park dinos. He got a bunch of other things but those were his fav's.

Well, I have a lot to catch up on in here. I will be back tomorrow to share our Halloween pics.

Until then.....


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Doris said...

Love all the pictures. Travis is so cute and looks like a fun lovin guy. Too bad you didn't get any Halloweeners, I know that was a disappointment.