Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

We were so looking forward to Halloween this year. It was kind of a bummer in the end. My hubby LOVES halloween. It is his favorite holiday of all. He has collected body parts, spider webs & all things creepy just for this one day. He was beyond thrilled when we moved into our new house. Finally, a yard that would work with the plans that he had. He went out & purchased products at the man candy stores (Home Depot & Lowes) so he could make new tombstones for his master plan. Got everything he could possibly need...3-5 stores later with an additional fog machine. "Everyone must own one of these", he says. I just shake my head....ya honey.

Halloween arrives & the yard I must say looked incredible. He did a fantastic job on it. Body parts, tombstones, spider webs, spotlights, strobes & creepy crawlies all in place. He even mixed his own CD for all the creepy Halloween howls & screams. I'm telling you it was great.

Tarynn & I decided to take Travis to a carnival at a church nearby then off to trick or treat afterwards. The carnival was really cool but unfortunately geared for little ones. Travis went through a couple of games & was pretty much done after that. Besides being bummed that everything was geared to the young kids, we were misinformed on the times. Shortly after we got there they started closing up shop. So we pile back in the car & decide to go trick or treating with our friends in town. We get there & start heading out & there were NO lights on. We may of gotten about five houses total in our hour to hour an a half walk. I felt so bad for Travis. He is used to getting buckets full of candy. So next year we will have to do some serious planning to leave early.

In the meantime hubby calls & asks where we are & how we are doing. I update him on how bad it was sucking for Trav. He tells me after all of his planning, creating & delivering of all things evil....NOT ONE PERSON CAME! Awwww! I felt so bad for my boys. Hubby was so disappointed. Now mind you, we live out a bit from town but it's not like the only house for miles. We figured we would get a few people....not a one. So Halloween kind was a bust for us.

Here are a few of the pics that I took. Tarynn had fun dressing up like a rocker (a preggo rocker) & going around with Travis. Travis' costume came out great. We kind of threw it together & it just worked. I love it when that happens. He loved it so that made it even better.

Well I'm off to cut out some Christmas ornies that I'm making. Will share those with you later.


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