Thursday, November 12, 2009

Baby Shower Card & Snowflakes

Hi Everyone~
I wanted to share with you a crafty card I made for a recent baby shower. The girl having the shower is having a boy. They are decorating his room with the Browning Deer logo & her colors are lt. blue & brown. I wanted to make a special & unique card for her. First off, I had never heard of Browning Deer only the all favorite John Deere lol. So I scouted out some ideas online & came across a cute template for a onesie.

This is my card & envelope I made. *Sorry for the poor quality of photos. I was in such a hurry to get to the shower that I forgot to take good pics with my camera. My daughter snapped these
after the shower so I would atleast have something to share with you all.*

It was a hit at the shower since it was personalized for the mommy-to- be. I also went & bought plain lt. blue giftwrap & hand stamped the deer logo all ove the paper. It came out precious. I didnt get a pic of that. I was so bummed.

Now since I have made my master plan for the upcoming holidays including menus, grocery lists, gift giving lists as well as a check off for what we have purchased & what needs to be purchased. I have been trying to start my baking to get a dent in that. I am trying recipes that will freeze well until Christmas gets closer. I have my Christmas card list & my cards are ready to be signed. I still would like to get a snapshot of us to add to them. It all seems so overwhelming at times. One of these years I will have it all figured out in a timely manner. Yeah right! LOL
Anyways, I'm a crafter at heart & I keep everything. Ask my hubby. He hates it! About a week ago I told him to start saving the empty toilet paper rolls. Hahaha I know I'm weird. I just knew there would be a craft that I could find to do with them. Well say no more....I found an awesome craft that is super cute. I can wait to get started on it. Look here for my new project. Dont you think they are cute? You could hang them on the tree, put them on packages or make a garland for the mantle. I will share some pics when I get them done.

Well I'm off to cut toilet paper rolls. Hahahaha Hey it was'nt that long ago that I made this from an empty spool of ribbon. It's my way of helping out the environment & driving my hubby crazy in the process. Hahaha

Have a crafty day!

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Sam said...

The Baby shower card is absolutely adorable!
I also love the toilet paper stars! I am going to let the kids make some :)!

Thanks for the idea!