Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Dash & Something Old, New & Re-used

Hello Blogland~
I survived the weekend. My daughter & I were in a contest here locally called the Diamond Dash. It was set up like a mini Amazing Race. You had to write a letter telling why you should be picked. I wrote about my daughter and her unselfishness & her willing to help out others. So we did get accepted & were ready for the challenge. The race had 250 teams competing for a $12.000.00 diamond.

We completed the race but did'nt win. We considered ourselves winners for just completing the task at hand. I'm sure, when it was said & done, we walked about three miles & climbed numerous flights of stairs. We had an amazing time.....no pun intended hahaha. I felt a personal victory in completing the race. 55lbs ago I would not of been able to do that. I have missed out on so many inter-active activities with my children from being overweight & being self conscious & not wantingt to embarass them. It felt good to be able to do this with my daughter & have the memories that we did it. Poor Tarynn was exhausted. She said next year will be easier not being pregnant. LOL She recently walked in the Race For The Cure & wants me to do that next year. I think I can actually put that on my bucket list & hopefully complete that one too. *Ü*

Here's my something old. I got my t.p. rolls cut & glued. They are going together quite quickly. I purchased the spray paint & glitter for them. I'm going with a white paint & a light periwinkle glitter. You really have to try these. So simple & great for kids. I want to make some into hanging ornies & tie some on to packages.

My new is this. One of my dear friends Pat has gotten so many cute patterns from Countryside Crafts. I finally took the time to get over there & order some patterns. This is my first pattern from them to try. I ordered two. We will see how they come out. I have all the wool cut out to make four ornies per design. I think they are just so cute. Go check out what they have to offer. I was amazed how fast they shipped them to me and I'm impatient when it comes to snail mail. lol

Now for my re-used. Hahaha I have found this urge & need to re-purpose things. It's kind of a self challenge if you will. Thats how I came up with the t.p. roll snowflakes. lol I'm working on some Christmas mini albums for gifts. These are so fun & packed full of embellishments that I wanted to think outside of the box. I was digging around in my closet of stash...aka craft crap per hubby & found gift bags. I adore snowmen! I decided why could'nt I cut these up & use them in my albums or my gift tags that I make. So I grabbed some up that I wont be using & started cutting away. What a great idea for those bags that get a lil to worn to use again but would look great in a distressed type album. Well, I dont know about you but I loved it. This is one of the bags that I will be using. I will be sure to show you the album upon completion so you can see how I used them.

Well I have to get back to my baking. I made peanut butter chewies, "stuft" cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies & lastly 1/2 choc. chip 1/2 double choc cookies. Trying to get a jump on the holiday baking. :)

Have a wonderful crafty day.

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