Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Hubs

Today is Jim's birthday. The big 39! I cannot wait till next year....we are so throwing an Over The Hill Party! Every birthday the guest of honor gets to choose their dinner of choice. It looks as if I will be making fish tacos with all the fixins. They are soooooooo yummy.

I am so lucky to have him. He is a wonderful man that makes me laugh each & every day. He is kind, compassionate & would give the kids & I the world if he could. I have never been more happy in all my life (othe than the day my children were born). He completes me & makes me strive to be a better person. He is smart as a whip & we are constantly learning something from hist wisdom. Honey, thank you for being you & thank you for choosing me to stand beside you everyday through thick & thin. I cant wait for the day that we are sitting on that porch in the country rocking away in our chairs. I love you!


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Doris said...

That is so sweet!! How wonderful to have the perfect mate, glad you appreciate him.