Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dollie Done

I finally got the dollie done for Tarynn's friend. It was going along with the black & pink pop-up album. She came out so cute. She is so tiny all of 5" total. I hope she likes the gifts. I even added a pic of the tag I made. I thought it was cute. LOL
I'm throwing in another picture of a kitty doll that I started when we were living in Idaho. I unpacked her & want to finish up her last details. She was fun to do. I completely painted her face which was a little different than my usual stitching of the features. I will take some more pics of her once she is complete.
I am about half way done with the giveaway prizes...yes you read it right...PRIZES (plural).

I wanted to do both of these projects so I figured why not. I haven't decided if one lucky person will get both or if I will draw two know, spread the wealth. Hahaha So make sure you keep checking back for the giveaway to be posted.

I had a family medical emergency that slowed things down a bit but everything is good & we are trying to get back on track.

Going to make those pumpkin muffins today along with the lattes (from my last post). I will let you know how they come out.

It has been raining here for the last two days....and I mean pouring. I love the rain & it makes me want fall/winter to get here even more. Now, if I could just get the cold weather to go along with rain, we would be doing good. Here in the south you just get more humidity & bugs. Blek!

Well I'm off to bake & craft. ~Toodles

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Kathy Olson said...

Janna your little dollie turned out really cute and love the tag.

Your kitty will be wonderful too once you get it finished.