Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Birthday Recap *Warning Lots Of Pics*

ll the birthday went off without a hitch. He had a great day at work. Our daughter got him a huge bouquet of balloons. His co-workers got him a very nice card & Best Buy gift card. Now what man wouldn't be happy with that? The chocolate cupcakes with mocha/caramel mousse filling were a hit. In fact, I got an order for a dozen this friday. I'm rather excited! He LOVED the fish tacos too. I have to say they were the best ones to date. I haven't cared for them lately but they were delish lastnight. The white sauce was to die for. *Ü* I have to share a few pics from lastnight. Our daughter Tarynn got him a pig snout as a gag gift. Now that we live in Arkansas she is determined to make him a "Hog". He is determined to fight her every step of the way. LOL She was going to buy him a shirt but feared he wouldn't wear it. She was probably right. So she decided to get him the snout. It was hilarious. He was a good sport & we got some great pics. It amazes Jim & I how dedicated the people are here about their Razorbacks....WOW! They have their cars plastered beyond recognition as well as decked out in all the garb on game days. I have never seen anything like it. Kind of like stepping into the Twilight Zone. Hahaha

I also wanted to share a few pics of the cards we made for him. Honestly they could of been better but I didn't feel well & was kind of crunched for time. Looking at the pics I can see all the flaws. I have vowed to do better next time. He didn't notice & that was good. :) My card (the black & white one) was an adaption from a tutorial here. It was fun to make & will probably do more. I didn't get a chance to read a lot of her blog but what I saw looks fun. I will be going over & catching a few more posts & craft ideas.

I better get going. I'm making Eggplant Parm from a girlfriend's recipe tonight. It is so good. I know my daughter will be hitting my door when she finds out. She loves it too! Have a great day. ~Toodles

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