Thursday, September 3, 2009

WLS Update

I wanted to update everyone on my weight loss since surgery. It has been five months & I have lost 50lbs. I am extremely excited. It does seem a little slow, but I really cant complain. My goal now that we moved is to get active. I really need to walk & swim. So I will be scouting out some areas where I can accomplish that. My hubby takes pics every month to see my progression. Unfortunately, the shirts I have been wearing were very blousy & you couldn't see that much of a difference. I decided to take this months pic in a tighter fitting t-shirt *gasp*. I never wear anything like this. It makes me super uncomfortable but I wanted to see the difference it would make. So here is a pic before surgery (red/wht shirt) compared to 3 days ago in the black shirt.

Well not much more going on. Will be working on my Halloween Tag Book today & starting the Blog Giveaway Gift. Yay! Have a wonderful holiday weekend. Be safe. ~Toodles

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Rosalie said...

Congrats your doing GREAT!!!