Friday, September 4, 2009


*YIPPEE* its friday & a holiday weekend! So looking forward to spending those three days with my family. The hubs has been putting in a lot of overtime & I know I am ready for him to be home (I'm pretty sure he is ready too. LOL) We plan on doing some shopping for some home furnishings. Slowly but surely we are getting the house put together. I didn't realize how many things I tossed & have had to replace. Not that thats a bad thing. Love getting new things but it can be costly. Slow & steady! Hahaha

I tried my hand at Red Velvet Cupcakes yesterday. Oh my, they came out wonderful. I must not of used enough food coloring though because I had Pink Velvet Cupcakes. They were awesome though. It made a lot too. I made one tray of regular size & almost two full trays of the mini-bite size ones. That size works well for me. I cant have to many goodies or sugar so it's perfect. I went with Paula Deene's (I love Miss Paula) recipe for the first time figuring I could'nt go wrong with her. Without a doubt they were great. I had a friend send me another recipe to try. Maybe these will have more of the red color that I was shooting for. I'll let you know.

Here is a peek at some of the goodies that are going in my Halloween Tag/Mini Album. Cant wait to see it finished.

Well not much going on. We lost power yesterday so no computer. *Sigh* It made for a long day. So I havea ton to get to today. Have a wonderful day my friends. ~Toodles

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christy p said...

Hi Janna! Saw your blog on the Homegrown class site and wanted to check it out. Those cupcakes look sooooooo yummy!!!! I love Paula Deen too!