Friday, July 17, 2009

Rodeo Weekend

This weekend is the Bulls Only Rodeo. It is so weird to think that my brother has officially retired from it. Every year for the last umpteen years he says, "this is my last." This year he stuck to his word. It is kind of sad to see him stop, but nice to see him not go home broken & bruised by yet another wild horse. He has plenty of broken bones, scars & missing teeth from this sport they call Wild Horse Racing.

Wild horse racing is where there are teams of three cowboys that coax truly wild horses out of the corral & attempt to saddle them & ride around the arena between two barrels. There are usually about 7-9 teams all going at the same time. It is not an easy task. They are lucky to get the horse out without any injuries to themselves or the horse. My brother (the mugger) has to hold the horse by a rope while the horse is raring up & going beserk. There is guy who attempts to saddle the horse & the rider who tries to mount him while the horse is going nuts. LOL These are some crazy men.

Bill has always loved this event but knows how hard it has been on his body. This is a very dangerous sport. He has had so many broken bones you cant begin to count. Fingers dislocated, stepped & stomped on, as well as being thrown from the saddle into the surrounding corral. I know I wouldnt want to do it. Its scary just to watch it from the stands. I am sure its the adrenaline rush of it all that makes him love it.

I am sad to see him retire but happy to see him not suffer any more injuries from this sport. We have a lot of fun memories and a lot of awesome pictures from all the years of him competing. We are so proud of him. He walks away a winner & the pride that he is a true cowboy & has the Rookie Of The Year award & buckle to display forever.

I dont have access to all my photos since we are getting ready to move. I did want to share a few that I do have available.
1st pic is my all time favorite. I just love this pic.
2nd pic is Bill getting ready to do down for his event.
3rd pic is saying a prayer after the National Anthem.
4th pic of all the teams getting ready for the chutes to open.
5th pic is doing what he does. Trying to mug the horse so the rider can get on.
6th pic is Bill holding the neck while they try to saddle up.
7th pic getting drug across the arena trying not to let go. If they let go its over.
8th pic trying to ""git er done." hahaha
9th pic same as the 8th.
10th pic is one I took of my stepdad just watching the event. I love this pic. Thats my son up in the right corner watching with Grandpa.
Well I will have more tomorrow. Have a great day or evening...whenever they decide to post this blog. It drives me crazy that it takes them 24hrs to post. Anywho have a great one.

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