Saturday, July 11, 2009

The best day ever

I have to share my day yesterday. I made some plans for running to some quilt stores to look at wool. As I sat at the computer figuring out my stops & such my son Travis walks in. He says, "Mom can we go to lunch at Olive Garden?" I said, "Well I was gonna run around, why?" He says, "I just wanted you & me to go there cuz I like it & Sissy used to work there." Well how can a mother say no to that. I just about melted. He has had such a hard time getting used to the idea of being the only one home now. His sister & brother left the house at the same time & he has missed them so much. Shoot I know how he feels. I hate the fact that they are grown & moving into new seasons of their lives. So we jumped in the car & went on our mother-son date. It was so much fun. I recommend doing that with your kids if you get the time. Just a one on one day. He really enjoyed himself too. I have to share one other cute blurb to this.

He comes in wearing his Docker type dress pants & a long sleeve dress shirt (un-ironed of course.) Hahaha I ask him, "Travy why you wearing those hot clothes?" He proceeds to reply, "I wanted to dress nice for you. I like dressing up." Awwww! He just got brownie points for sure. Well, as you can tell from the pics that I convinced him that shorts would be much more comfortable, as well as, cooler.

He is such a sweet child, good natured & so sensitive. I have never seen a child that is always in a good mood & so chipper. It is very refreshing! I tell my husband all the time how lucky we are to have such great kids.

I did do some running after lunch & bought oodles of fun, fun, fun fabric, patterns & notions. I will share more of these later. I just really wanted to share my date story. :)
Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Toodles~

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Rosalie said...

What fun Sounds like you both had a great time together!!! And you still had time to do your shopping.

I just had one last weekend went to lunch and the movies with my daughter. We had a blast, cried our eyes out we saw My Sister's Keeper.