Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here's the latest

Wow it has been hectic around here. I had the cake order for Brice's 15th B-day party & my daughter's Baby Shower. It has been non-stop.

I wanted to share the cake I did for Brice. I also did cupcakes & cookies for her Girls Night Out.

It was very bright & shiny. lol I was afraid it was too crazy but she liked it.

The week before that I hosted Tarynn's "Rock Out" Baby Shower. It came out so cool. It fit her personality to a "T". Down to the very last detail. It truly represented her & her love for music. I am sure she will pass this on to her son. :)

I got the idea off of one my blogs that I read. This woman had thrown her hubby a Rock Star b-day party. I just took her cue & detailed it to Tarynn's personality.

Have you ever had one of those events where EVERYTHING falls into perfect place. This was mine. We had so much fun & everyone seemed to like the less than standard approach to the baby shower. hahaha Here's some of the food we had. We even had *Rockstar* drinks. lol

The only thing that did'nt turn out to my expectations was her cake. It ended up looking a lot like her b-day cake unfortunately. She LOVED it though so thats all that matters. The cupcakes totally rocked. LOL

These were some of the favors we made. I designed the popcorn boxes as a "Thank You" for coming. On the belly of the girl it says "Ready To Pop!" So stinkin cute. The candy bar wrappers we designed too. The little rocker ducks were given away with the candy bars for game prizes along with the chocolate chips, cookie recipe & star cookie cutters. There were gift cards as well.

As for my zebra print purse album, that I mentioned in the previous post. It is closer to being finished than it was, but not totally there yet. I finally got all the pages cut & assembled. I just have to decorate it. I'm making it for one of my hubby's co-workers. She is a hoot & I just love her. I'm also going to make her a cake with a tiara on the top & some bling bling around the bottom. It should be fun!
Well I will be back to share more later....Toodles


Leanne~*~Harvest Moon by the Lake said...

Janna, what a fun baby shower!! I love the giant cupcake, rock star cookies and decorations. Tarynn looks beautiful! I bet you can't wait to get your arms around that new grandbaby.

Meredith said...

Wow! You got every detail covered. Loved it all, especially the angel wings on the guitar cake topper and the favors. What a great shower!