Friday, January 29, 2010

Big Cupcakes

I missed a day...I'm so sorry. I have been sick with a horrible cough & it finally took its toll on me.

Today we experienced our first ice storm. It was kind of neat to see. I'm quite sure my hubby would not share my enthusiasm at all. He went ahead and trudged into work to find only a handful of people actually showed up. We lived in northern Idaho & have seen our share of SNOW. I can honestly tell you that these people here do NOT know how to drive in the icy conditions. I cant believe how quick they shut everything down & call for a state of emergency. I'm not saying that ice is a good thing. It should'nt be taken lightly, but it was driveable, you just have to go S L O W. It all turned out good. The company ordered pizza for everyone that showed up to work & they got to go home after lunch with pay. All the others who called off have to use vacation time or not get paid. So it ended up good for us. :)
As for the cakes I have been playing with. I have learned something new & ways to improve every cake I've done. I'm so glad that I take the pictures so I can critique them & learn better ways to do them the next time. I have to apologize for the quality of the pics. I have horrific lighting in the kitchen & my skills are'nt much better. Most of them are dark. I think I may go get one of those tri-fold display boards & see if that might lend more brightness to it. Anyways, here is what i have.

The first one I did was the birthday one with the lil ballerina on top for my daughter's friend.

The next one I did was for my girlfriend's birthday. She loves horses. Hence the cowgirl cake. lol

The next one was for my daughter's birthday & it came out cool but NOT the look I was going for. I was so disappointed in it. I wanted it to be black & hot pink swirled together. Apparently I need to work on that a bit. They kind of melded together & came out a mess. However, my daughter loved it. Luckily she could'nt see my vision. Hahaha

The last thing I did was regular cupcakes for my daughter's friend again. They were having a baby shower for her at work. Her colors were blue & brown with the Browning Deer head logo. These were also a bit of a mishap too. I made up the cakes & the frosting color was perfect. I packaged them up & set them in garage to keep them cool. In the morning my hubby grabbed them to deliver them & they were this hideous bright robins egg blue. Not her color at all. I still have no idea why they turned. They all loved them but I was a little bummed because they did'nt look exactly right.

The cookies were for the shower too. I did find. that I really need to hone my writing skills with the pastry bag. LOL It is not as simple as it looks on tv. I loved how they came out, especially the ribbon tied on the ends. I will have to practice with the icing consistency & writing for future orders. *Ü*
I also made this box of cookies for Miss Kaylin's appearance. I covered a box with scrapbooking paper. I then stamped the Cherish words all the way around. I put some flowers on lollipop sticks & made a flower cookie bouquet for her mommy.

Last, but not least, is the Christmas cake I did for a friend. I love how this one came together. I somehow screwed up the time for pick up & was in a mad rush to finish while they waited. lol Next time I will use a darker frosting to adhere the candy canes. I thought it was real cute & festive though. They loved it.

I have an order for a zebra & hot pink cake in a couple of weeks. One of our friend's daughters is turning 15. I managed to come up with a template to make a GIANT cup cake liner out of zebra scrapbooking paper. I'm going to dye the frosting hot pink & decorate it with black feathers & hot pink curly ribbons. I have a couple of ideas for the top but not sure which one I will go with. You will have to check back the middle of february to see what I chose. She also wants lil mini cupcakes on the side. This order will be a lot of fun.

Off to sew some more of Landon's quilt. I'm also working on a mini photo album shaped like a purse. Of course, with all the zebra accessories laying all over I made it zebra with a little bling. I am hoping to have the outside done to share this weekend. So have a great weekend & hopefully we dont get totally iced in. ~Toodles

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Rosalie said...

Love all your cupcakes, you are very creative!!!!