Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Rock Out Baby Shower

I told you I'd be back. lol

If you did'nt already know we are expecting our first grandbaby in March. We are over the moon excited. His name will be Landon. I cannot wait to hold this baby. I have a feeling he will be a big baby. My daughter is huge. She gets asked almost daily if she's having twins. lol So far they have only seen one. :)

We have been planning her baby shower for quite awhile. We were throwing around ideas that would best suit their personalities. Tarynn saw an invte online that she loved but they were a bit pricey. She has mad computer skills so I told her to come up with her own in the style she liked. As usual, we were not disappointed. Her invitations came out adorable. Now they are not your traditional invites but if you know our daughter you would know that they are totally HER. Tarynn has always been into music. It's her first love. She has attended numerous concerts in numerous cities. She has had the pleasure of meeting a lot of famous people. She is a beautiful girl with the most outgoing, fun-loving personality around. She has charmed her way backstage as well as, on tour buses to meet her idols. So when you look at her shower theme it will all make sense. Here is a picture of her invite. I love how it came out.

I was looking online & reading blogs to try & come up with an idea for the shower. One thing opened the door to the next. It was just amazing how everything fell into place. I went here & found the party essentials. The "Rock Out" theme & colors matched perfectly. I went & bought 40 yards of black tulle to do up like streamers on the ceilings. We will accent those with the three colors of balloons & some hanging glittered stars. I can see the vision in my head perfectly. We will see how well I get it out from there. Hahaha

I also found fabric to make Landon a quilt. Here are the pics of that as well. I want to have stars embroidered on each of the corners & his name on the center. It should come out real nice.

We are putting the finishing touches on all the yummy food I'm gonna make. We are going to go with the BIG cupcake cakes & little cupcakes on the side. I purchased zebra wrappers for those & will decorate them with red, black & silver. Oh I almost forgot, I purchased guitar picks that say Rock Out on them for the cupcake toppers. I hope they come out.

I'm off to finish up some snickerdoodles. I promise to be back to share more with you tomorrow. I need to share the BIG cupcake cakes I have been making for people. I love this pan & all the creativity it has brought. Until tomorrow......


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Sam said...

She is so adorable and I LOVE the invitations!
I need to know about these BIG cupackes :)! These sound like fun!
The quilt is going to look fabulous!