Friday, October 26, 2007

Halloween Party

Hey you guys....

Remember the party I was talking about having for my son's birthday? The Halloween/Birthday party combo with the neighbors? Well we had it last weekend & the kids loved it. They wore their costumes & we judged all of them. There was some great
ones. My son had his heart set on a grim reaper but at the last minute decided on an alien....go figure! Here he is....

I have to show you this cake I made for the party. My neighbor wanted something creepy. Well my hubby loves Halloween & has been collecting gore items for quite some time. Well my neighbor picked up these gummy mice & asked me to use them on the cake. I had an idea but wasn't sure how successful it would be. Had I had more time to plan it could of been out of this world. I was very excited to see the end result. The kids absolutely flipped over it so that made it all worth while. Now to think of something for next year thats bigger & better :)

It was so fun watching the kids bob for apples. Kids dont get to do those kinds of things anymore.

As for me I am tired & glad it's over for another year. We still have Halloween night but I enjoy going out with my son...he still gets excited over it. :) I am just hoping it warms up a bit. It has been in the mid 20's here & thats just too cold to walk around outside for candy. LOL I saw this in someone elses blog & loved it....gotta love Maxine!

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