Wednesday, March 3, 2010


*Warning...Pics are horrible...I really need to take a class...get a background or something...SHEESH!

Anyways, here is the GLAM cake & cupcakes I did for hubby's co-worker. She is such a girly girl I ran with it. The pictures really dont do it justice at all. She loved it. She's leaving on a girlfriend getaway & wants to figure out how to take it on the plane. Not sure how that one will pan out. I'm thinking it wont. lol

Anyone else noticing a pattern with the darn stars? lol I told my daughter that I really need to move on. They just always seem to work with what I'm doing & they're the perfect size for fillers. So I am trying to expand my horizons & look for something new to add.

And I really am finishing up her zebra purse mini-album....seriously I am. They decided to give her the gifts on monday when she returns from her trip. Kind of a sigh of relief for me. I got a couple pages into it & hit a roadblock with all that hot pink. So how do you cure that....SHOPPING! Yes, a trip to the scrapbook store fixed me up just fine. So I will be back to share this weekend if not sooner.

Have a creative day! ~Toodles

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